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About Informa

Informa (formerly Digiscan) are one of Ireland's leading information management solutions and service providers. 
They provide cost effective services and solutions that assist companies to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in the manner in which they handle, store, retrieve and share their paper and digital information. 

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ZyLAB and Informa

ZyLAB and Informa go a long way back. For years we have a relationship based on trust and experience. Over the past years, Informa has leveraged the ZyLAB technology to support many eDiscovery Processing and Review projects and help their clients find and review information faster and more efficient. 


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Discover eDiscovery

Technology is changing everything. Rediscover eDiscovery. 

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The eDiscovery SaaS revolution for law firms

See for yourself how eDiscovery can transform the way your firm performs eDiscovery.


Better collaboration

Over the years, companies have developed a variety of strategies to meet eDiscovery challenges. ZyLAB has developed a maturity model for eDiscovery to help corporations on this journey.

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A productivity revolution for FOIA and public records requests

Smart technology isn't just changing the way governments deal with FOIA and public records requests, it's revolutionizing it.

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