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Conferences, webinars, masterclasses and other avenues to learn, listen, and grow. 

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Special Investigations:  Conducting E-Discovery

Presented by Jelle Oorebeek 

Hosted by BusinessForensics

This webinar will showcase best practices for fraud investigations and our framework for scaling and automating compliance work.
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Upcoming Events


Special Investigations:  Conducting E-Discovery

June 23rd 2021 | 4pm CET

During this webinar hosted by our partner BusinessForensics, you'll discover:

  1. How to make more intelligence use of your [meta]data
  2. How to standardize your fraud workflow and automate elements of your fraud monitoring process
  3. How you can scale your document review process once fraud is detected

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How to achieve more efficient document review & production
with auto-classification

June 29th | 1 - 1:30 pm ET
Join Jay Schneider, ZyLAB's Director of Professional Services to learn about auto-classification, and how such technology can help you achieve better, faster results and avoid unintentional disclosures.

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Masterclass: Corporate Investigations

July 1st 2021 | 10-11am CEST 
As time passes, the amounts of data involved in corporate investigations is still growing at a steady rate, as does the stringency of data-related regulations. During this masterclass, we discuss the more recent changes, and discover what corporate investigations will look like in 2021 and beyond. 

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How Automated Classification saves time in PRR

Auto-classification of documents plays an important role in working through a PRR case faster than any human every could.  

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Riding the Data Privacy Wave

How do you tackle Data Privacy challenges when it comes to data privacy within your organization? John Sung of Armedia and Jeffrey Wolff of ZyLAB discuss.  

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The eDiscovery Maturity Model

The different stages of the eDiscovery Maturity Model are discussed by Mary Mack, Jeffrey Wolff and Johannes Scholtes.

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