Become a ZyLAB Certified Review Specialist

The ZyLAB Certified Legal Review Application Administrator certification is designed to demonstrate mastery of all aspects of ZyLAB’s legal review administrative functions and features including a basic understanding of the Legal Review capabilities. Upon successful completion of the exam, user will earn the designation of a ZyLAB Certified Legal Review Application Administrator.

Course content:

  • Audit Log
  • Auto-Classification
  • Security Roles and Users
  • Document Level Security
  • Document Upload
  • Advanced Document Production
  • AutoRedaction
  • Keyword Highlighting
  • Mini Productions
  • Advanced Configuration: Configuring Review Status
  • Batch Assignments
  • ZyLAB Search Overview
  • ZyLAB Legal Processing Matter Creation and Basic Collection
ZyLAB Certified Review Specialist

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