The ZyLAB Certified Legal Review Training program provides experienced users of the ZyLAB Legal Review System with the necessary skills to become a Certified ZyLAB Legal Review Specialist. Logo's en blokken (11)

The ZyLAB Certified Review Specialist certification is designed to demonstrate mastery of all aspects of ZyLAB’s legal review capabilities.  Upon successful completion of the exam, user will earn the designation of a ZyLAB Certified Review Specialist.

Course content:

  • Auto-Redaction
  • Mini Productions
  • Security Roles and Users
  • Keyword Highlighting
  • Document Upload
  • Configuring Review Status
  • Advanced Document Production
  • Batch Assignments
  • Search: Advanced Wildcard Search, Preceding Elements, Date Search, Number Range Operator, Multiple Wild Cards in a Search Query, Proximity and Positional Operators, Audio Search, Boolean Operators- And/Or/Not, Search History and Saved Search, Overview of ZyLAB Search - Concepts & Definitions, Field Search and Field Search Filtering, Complex Search Queries, etc.