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a 35 year anniversary!

Jan Scholtes
Sep 14, 2018 9:00:53 AM

Congratulations to all current and past ZyLAB employees, as well as our loyal customers! Last week it was exactly 35 years ago ZyLAB was founded by Dr. Scott Woodard in Buffalo Grove (near Chicago), Illinois on September 2nd, 1983.



A group of employees from the famous Bell Labs (the origin of Unix, for the younger ones among us) saw the need for a full-text retrieval tool for the new PC platform back in the days when 10 Mb was considered Big Data.  This resulted in a turbo-Pascal implementation of the first full-text search tool for MS-DOS named ZyINDEX. Over the years, we’ve sold more than 600.000 copies of our software to millions of users worldwide and created a whole family of products based on ZyINDEX. If you want to see how we did eDiscovery in 1994, you can enjoy these old recordings here and here.

Many of our original clients are still loyal ZyLAB users to this day. Nowadays, they use our ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery platform, which still contains the most powerful full-text search for legal and investigative applications, but also houses a wealth of other technology such as text-mining to machine translation, audio search, topic modeling and machine-learning.


Onwards and upwards

And we are not done yet; ZyLAB is more alive than ever. We survived by reinventing ourselves over and over, following market trends and customer needs. Using agile work methods we roll our bi-weekly SaaS updates holding new functionality and based on the most secure en latest developments tools and standards. We continue to stay ahead of the market by preparing ourselves for the next generation of Big Data using the latest data science insights.  We work closely with universities around the world to test new ideas and fine-tune existing paradigms.

We’re ready for the next 35 years, we look forward to serving our current and new clients, because the need for efficient and powerful tools to deal with unstructured information is just as strong today as it was in 1983!