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ZyLAB Pub Trivia (LegalTech Day 1)

Brenda Dodd |January 30, 2019|Read time: 1 min

It was a great first day of Legal Tech in the Exhibition Hall. Our booth was busy all day, giving demos of our software, catching up with long-term customers, and meeting new people. We also have a daily trivia challenge (check social media for the links!) so it was fun to match wits with the LegalWeek attendees. Even though it was an amazing day, I think a few of my colleagues (not naming any names) were eager to go out to a bar to celebrate the great day. This turned out not to be necessary--because the bar came to us! 

Conveniently, the official end-of-day happy hour bar was set up directly across from our booth, so we were able to continue meeting new people and having great conversations. With trivia on our minds and the bar now located next to us, it provided the perfect opportunity for some pub trivia fun. 

Have you ever played the pub trivia game "Brad Pitt or Lasers?" It's simple, which is older: Brad Pitt or Lasers? (look it up) Which is older: Betty White or sliced bread? (Do you know the answer?)

So here's one for you-- which is older: ZyLAB or Mark Zuckerberg? (Follow us on social media to find the answer.)


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