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ZyLAB ONE - the new way of helping you

Jan Scholtes |August 30, 2018|Read time: 1 min

You are interested in getting things done and getting them done fast. We understand that. That is why, in order to improve the user experience, we have added context sensitive help to ZyLAB ONE. Context sensitive help provides on-page help, allowing you to stay in-product, getting assistance depending on the current state of the application (context).

In addition to that, we have created a Documentation Portal, where all information is combined and more in-depth information is added. Both the context sensitive help and the Documentation Portal are constantly updated, which ensures that you are accessing the latest information.

Context Sensitive Help

Each piece of information in a context sensitive help topic relates to a specific application state and extensively describes that state. Sometimes short animations (max 15 seconds) are added to demonstrate a feature. You get help right on the spot, without the need to go elsewhere to search for answers. This increases the usability of ZyLAB ONE, decreases user frustration and lets you achieve your goals easier and faster.

The context sensitive help can be accessed by clicking on a help icon. These help icons can be found on nearly every page in ZyLAB ONE. Some topics contain links to the Documentation Portal. This can be useful if you need more (background) information or want an overview.

0038 - Facets view - Imagetxt

Documentation Portal

The Documentation Portal (https://docs.zylab.com) is an online resource where all information contained in the context sensitive help topics can be found, and more. For example, for a better understanding of Assisted Review, use cases have been added. In these use cases a project is handled from start to finish, with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and a glossary for more in-depth information.

You can provide feedback on each topic on the Documentation Portal, simply by selecting Yes (this page was helpful), or No (this page was not helpful) at the bottom of each topic. We monitor this feedback regularly as this enables us to help you even better.

If you do not want to access online user documentation or if you have no internet connection available, you can use the PDF user manuals that are included with the installation.

Jan Scholtes
Johannes (Jan) C. Scholtes, Ph.D. is Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of ZyLAB. Scholtes, who was the company’s President and CEO from 1989 to 2009, shaped ZyLAB as an Information Management powerhouse across the globe. With his leadership and vision, ZyLAB is a partner for the United Nations War Crime Tribunals, FBI-Enron investigations, and the United States White House Executive Office of the President.

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