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ZyLAB offers 60 days of free, unrestricted access to ZyLAB ONE for governments and agencies

As the evolving COVID-19 crisis forces more and more measures taken by governments, government officials and agency workers at all levels are faced with new challenges every day. “Stay at Home” orders have been issued requiring government workers to hunker down and work from home. Unfortunately, the public’s right to access government information hasn’t, nor will it, stop. Now, more than ever, the public will be looking for information and records related to the health crisis and how their government has responded. Requests for information are piling up across the country while organizations struggle to figure out how to ensure operational continuity of critical services.

ZyLAB would like to lend a (digital) hand, which means that effective immediately, we’re offering 60 days of full, unrestricted and free access to our solution as long as the pandemic makes the work harder to do.

“There’s enough to worry about as it is, and we hope that offering a tool that takes away some work-related stress, helps government officials and agency workers focus on what’s important, which is the health and well-being of their families and themselves,” wrote Dennis van der Veeke, CEO of  ZyLAB, “we hope it allows them to work from home more effectively, and prevent the backlogs from growing to an unmanageable size.”

Governments that join during this time will enjoy free, unrestricted access to ZyLAB ONE, our cloud-based solution that allows agencies and municipalities to quickly and efficiently ingest, analyze, review, redact and produce data related to requests. Working within ZyLAB ONE eliminates the need for IT teams to worry about patches, upgrades, security or data backups within their own systems, meaning no one will need to come to the office for reasons relating to answering public records requests. 

During these unusual times, government officials and agency workers are already foreseeing a significant boom in public records requests in relation to COVID-19 and the measures taken with regards to it. To help avoid backlogs and missed deadlines, our offer includes:

  • Full access to our top-rated ZyLAB ONE solution for governments and government agencies;
  • Up to 250 GBs of data, free of charge, can be put into our systems for quicker and more effective public records response;
  • Up to 15 unique users added to the environment;
  • Full access to our 24/7 Global Support teams to help you meet challenges;
  • Unrestricted use of our state-of-the-art solution with no strings attached & no obligation to buy

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Be well, stay safe. Wash your hands.