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Where GDPR meets eDiscovery, part 2: the difference between anonymization and pseudonymization

Lennert Hoogvliet |April 3, 2018|Read time: 1 min

In last week’s blog, we discussed storing archives that are often subject to regulatory requests or eDiscovery. Redaction and anonymization are very practical and cost-effective means for GDPR-compliant storing of data repositories and archives that are often subject to regulatory requests or eDiscovery.

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Crucial steps

Anonymization and pseudonymization become crucial when you need to transfer data outside of the EU to respond to regulatory or eDiscovery requests. Or when parties outside of the European Union need to access data rooms in the EU for M&A, real estate or litigation reviews.

True anonymization however, poses a difficult standard for most organizations. With redaction, information is rendered anonymous, such that the data subject is no longer identifiable. A great deal of business data is useful only if the identifiers are intact (i.e., human resources), particularly in litigation and regulatory evidence.

With pseudonymization, data can no longer be attributed to a data subject. Additional information to identify is kept separate and subject to technical and organizational security measures. The identifiers, once reunited with the core data, must be safeguarded like any other Personal Data.

Try it yourself

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Lennert Hoogvliet
Lennert Hoogvliet is Vice President Channel Sales EMEA/APAC and responsible for expanding the ZyLAB ecosystem by working with innovative, expert partners to provide companies with the best technologies to address their ever growing eDiscovery and information governance needs.

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