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We are back on the podcast medium

Jay Schneider |February 25, 2019|Read time: 1 min

In 2010 while working at ZyLAB, Mary Mack had started a podcast series which was very well received.

Today ZyLAB is pleased to announce the relaunch of our new podcast series, focusing on topics of importance in eDiscovery, legal technology, public records, machine learning, data science and anything else hosts Brenda Dodd and Jay Schneider decide to chat about. Shows will include insights, news, tips, and great conversations with innovators in technology and eDiscovery.

In the first episode of the ZyLAB Podcast, Brenda and Jay share their thoughts on LegalWeek19, ACEDS and the eDiscovery Community, and even some legal tech trivia.  You can also find the ZyLAB postcast on Spotify, PocketCasts, Googlepodcasts, Breaker, Radiopublic and Stitcher.

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