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Valentine’s day: Where is the love in eDiscovery?

Jan Scholtes |February 14, 2019|Read time: 1 min

eDiscovery and Valentine’s Day, how does that go together? Its no secret that most people hate eDiscovery. In fact, they dread it. It is related to unpleasant incidents such as fraud, investigations, regulatory problems, litigation, arbitration or large public records requests.

In eDiscovery proceedings, especially in the US, there is little room for love: parties are often digging themselves in fighting over discovery protocols or they are using eDiscovery to bleed the other party to death. eDiscovery is synonymous to “stress, overwork, huge legal bills, and lots of headache”. Hardly “love, affection and caring”.

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So, where can we find the love in eDiscovery?

It is not likely we will find it between opposing parties. Law firms may love the revenue, but for corporations and governments, eDiscovery will never be fun. The only silver lining is that technology can ease the burdens of eDiscovery. But like any successful relationship, to build the right technical solution vendors and customers need to work closely together to define problems and strategies, and set requirements and expectations if they want to develop efficient solutions to meet eDiscovery head on.

Here at ZyLAB we love our customers and want to thank them for using our software and providing us with such great feedback and product ideas. While they may not love eDiscovery, they love our products! They have rated ZyLAB ONE 4.9 out of 5.0 on Gartner or G2Crowd

We wish you all a loving Valentine’s day!

Jan Scholtes
Johannes (Jan) C. Scholtes, Ph.D. is Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of ZyLAB. Scholtes, who was the company’s President and CEO from 1989 to 2009, shaped ZyLAB as an Information Management powerhouse across the globe. With his leadership and vision, ZyLAB is a partner for the United Nations War Crime Tribunals, FBI-Enron investigations, and the United States White House Executive Office of the President.

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