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The eDiscovery project manager's path to long-term success

Corporate legal teams use a vast array of tools and strategies in their efforts to manage a growing number of eDiscovery projects. Strategies range from having no strategy at all to outsourcing everything to consolidating all their projects onto a single internal platform specifically designed to make in-house eDiscovery easy, efficient and affordable.  

In-house counsel experience much greater degrees of success in critical areas when they use in-house platforms. So why are many corporate counsel still overpaying to outsource eDiscovery? Why do they continue to try to use Microsoft tools for collecting and identifying relevant data or rely on their IT teams to create makeshift solutions? 

 Perhaps they’ve not sat down to see how their tools and strategies compare to others, including in-house platforms, regarding key factors such as the quality of results, security, workflow efficiencies, and costs. 

 So, that’s exactly what we did in the white paper “The eDiscovery Maturity Model.” Explore how your abilities to manage eDiscovery are affected by the tools and strategies use. And, if you’re not achieving the results and benefits you’d like, discover how to get where you want to be through the steps outlined in the eDiscovery Maturity Model.

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Because your success depends on the tools and processes available to you 

If you’re making up strategies on the fly or calling your IT team in a panic at the 11th hour, you’re more vulnerable to errors, gross inefficiencies, inflated costs, and high security risks.  By using the right tools, you no longer have to struggle to find the time and funds necessary to develop tools and practices that result in effective, long-term eDiscovery management.  

 With an in-house eDiscovery platform that uses advanced technologies to your advantage, you can gauge the needs of each eDiscovery project individually and elect to complete parts or all of the eDiscovery process internally. Flexible pricing that charges you only for usage is one of many features that make in-house platforms ideal for corporate teams. Every eDiscovery project can be completed using verifiable, pre-established procedures that are proven defensible. Every function is handled smoothly, quickly, and often automatically. And every stakeholder is relieved when all your data can be accessed, identified, collected, processed, reviewed, and produced by, at and from a single source. 


Now that’s efficient eDiscovery

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and automation facilitate the flow of information and help you: 

  • See inside your data to create more relevant searches, filters, and tags; 
  • Automatically redact, anonymize, or psuedomize private information;
  • Produce targeted batches for review to ensure the most important information is reviewed first;
  • Perform quality control on production sets;
  • Uncover issues such as corrupted files and missing emails or attachments;  
  • Ensure all data and metadata remains unaltered;  
  • Collaborate easily with internal and external parties and counsel;  


The eDiscovery Maturity Model illuminates the path for safe, controlled progress  

You determine the pace of your journey. Whatever eDiscovery tools and strategies you’re using right now, you can move at your own pace toward a single platform that processes data from all sources, integrates with your current systems, and adapts to changing demands. 

Using a single, in-house eDiscovery platform gives you the flexibility to selectively manage certain eDiscovery practices  internally, such as collection and identification. Use advanced technologies to reduce data sets by up to 99% before sending them out for review and production. Or, elect to complete the entire process in-house, all the way through to production.  


It’s always up to you and your needs for each new project 

Use the eDiscovery Maturity Model to create a plan for controlled progress. Learn the pros and cons of using the various tools in each phase. Measure how well your needs are met by the tools you’re currently using. Then determine the steps needed to move your organization forward. 

Take your first step now. Download the white paper “The eDiscovery Maturity Model” and discover how you can prepare your organization for better eDiscovery management.