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The cross-platform eDiscovery solution

As many of you may already know, the recently changed ZyLAB’s eDiscovery application ZyLAB ONE introduced a new user experience. The new App uses the latest web technologies such as Angular (current version 6.1) and TypeScript using Material Design guidelines. The big advantage of these technologies is that we now can more easily and faster build a cross platform solution that supports multiple browsers and devices.

But that is not all: leveraging these tools gives the user several other advantages:


Angular code that is used in the ZylAB ONE App is highly optimized for today’s browsers. This means that the App is really responsive to the actions of the user.


We design our applications from the ground with security in mind. This is nicely complemented by Angular's built-in protections against common web-application vulnerabilities and attacks such as cross-site scripting attacks.

Quality & Stability

Using a standard framework offers the benefit of the feedback of many users worldwide and assures the best possible code to create proper working and stable applications.


Many tools are available for Angular to make it easier and more efficient to test the functionality and quality of an application. All parts of the ZyLAB ONE App contain unit, integration and E2E (End to End) tests that are fully automated and part of the software build process. You can rest assured that every new release is fully tested.

Speed of Development

Every two weeks a new SaaS version of the ZyLAB ONE App is released and rolled out to ZyLAB’s SaaS users. New features are more easily and faster added to the App. Users will see new functionality being added to the App faster.

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