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Takeaways from Legal Tech 2017

Annelore van der Lint
Feb 6, 2017 3:49:59 AM

The ZyLAB team attended Legal Tech in New York City last week. Below a short impression by our colleague Erika Kilborn.

There was the usual circus atmosphere, crowds around the vendors giving something away (more on that later) and the folks with tired feet looking for a place to sit down. Every year at Legal Tech, a few buzzwords bubble up to the surface as I walk around, keeping an ear open to the conversations swirling around me.  This year was no exception.

What struck me this year was the following:

  • SaaS: This was a big word last year too, but there is a major difference.  Last year, it was “Saas? What exactly is that?” This year, it was “Yes, we know SaaS.” “We are moving to SaaS, can you accommodate us?” There is a much greater understanding of what this means and how to use it effectively in business.
  • Dashboard: Everyone wants a dashboard or wants to be your dashboard. Law firms and other businesses have so many applications and systems running with so much data out there that it is becoming unwieldy. Companies are looking for a way to draw the data out of all these systems in a way that gives them a handle on what is going on.  They are looking for a more complete picture of their business, their data, and how they can leverage it to their advantage.
  • The Cloud: As with SaaS, there are fewer puzzled looks when you talk about the cloud and far more understanding. Firms are adopting this technology, although some are still doing it grudgingly, being pushed into it by Microsoft. iPro emphasized their readiness for assisting with cloud connectivity by handing out packets of cotton candy in small pouches. Everyone needs a gimmick.
  • O365: Everyone wants to know if the vendor in question can work with O365. ZyLAB has a definite edge here.
  • Puppies: For the second year in a row, a smart vendor (How to Manage a Small Law Firm) offered up a chance to cuddle some adorable puppies, who were up for adoption. They got a lot of attention and some very cute puppies got new homes. Also for the second year in a row, this booth got the most buzz at the show, proving that puppies will always be more popular than technology.

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