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Corporate counsel’s journey to efficient in-house eDiscovery

Yannick Duport | October 25, 2018

Corporate counsel have used various tools and procedures over the years in their efforts to streamline eDiscovery and reduce outside spend. They’ve tried to outrace swelling floods of corporate data for decades, even as that data continues to drag them under by becoming increasingly difficult to…

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Preventing the high costs of eDiscovery in litigation, audits, and internal investigations

Annelore van der Lint | July 31, 2018

Companies today are receiving pressure from all sides, exacerbating the costs of an already expensive process – eDiscovery. Rising pressure from the increased use of data, domestic and international regulations, globalization, changing business models, more educated thus demanding clients and…

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Takeaways from Legal ConFex: Staying up-to-date as a new responsibility

Jeffrey Wolff | June 28, 2018

Last week’s Legal ConFex in New York brought together In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Legal Tech Vendors and Service Providers to discuss todays’ challenges in litigation, new regulations, eDiscovery, technology and software.

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eDisovery SaaS for law firms: protect your margins and gain a competitive edge

Annelore van der Lint | May 10, 2018

Every lawyer needs an effective way to review, sort, cull and search to find the relevant data in their clients’ cases. Properly employed technology protects their margins and gives lawyers the competitive edge they need.

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Takeaways from CLOC: legal operations as new competance for general counsel

Annelore van der Lint | May 3, 2018

We've said before that understanding of technology is increasingly becoming an important skill for the modern General Counsel. Last week we were at the annual conference of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) in Las Vegas where the CLOC Legal Operations Maturity Model was presented. We…

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What happened since the last eDiscovery day

Annelore van der Lint | November 30, 2017

Today, December 1 is eDiscovery Day, an industry-wide day of celebration for eDiscovery's role in the legal process. Why December 1? Well, 11 years ago on December 1 the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were adjusted to cover, what we refer to today, as eDiscovery.

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"Will the computer replace the judge?"

Annelore van der Lint | October 5, 2017

"Computers will, in the not so far away future, be able to replace the human Judge, at least for straight forward cases”. This is the conclusion of the session “Robot vs. Judge” on the “Dag van de Rechtspraak” (Jurisdiction Day) in the Utrecht Tivoli Vredenburg last week.

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AI-based eDiscovery analytics - a productivity revolution for law firms

Annelore van der Lint | August 29, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily revolutionizing the legal profession. Advances in AI-based eDiscovery analytics drastically increase the speed and improve the quality of the eDiscovery process not just for in-house counsel. Smart and innovative law firms already benefit from the use of the…

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eDiscovery is more than just emails

Annelore van der Lint | July 8, 2015

When most people talk about eDiscovery, email is usually the most common form of communication that comes to mind. And with good reason given that email remains the most important form of communication for organizations. Given its importance, it is understandable why it is also the first data that…

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