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Small & mid-size law firms increase competitiveness with SaaS eDiscovery

Jeffrey Wolff | February 19, 2019


Adopting eDiscovery technology for in-house use empowers attorneys to understand their clients’ businesses and needs more thoroughly. It gives them direct access to the knowledge and insight they need to strategize more effectively.   Today’s new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eDiscovery…

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Successful in-house eDiscovery for small & mid-size law firms

Jeffrey Wolff | February 12, 2019


Many small and mid-size U.S. law firms are not yet using eDiscovery platforms in-house. For years, they’ve been priced out of the tech market by the need for large, upfront capital expenditures to buy the necessary software and hardware. They’ve also lacked the time for the extensive training…

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Review half a million documents between coffee and lunch

Annelore van der Lint | September 12, 2018

One of the key highlights of our recently introduced ZyLAB ONE 5.0 is the Assisted Review option that helps reviewers to quickly find relevant/responsive documents.

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How public bodies in Ireland respond more effectively to the explosive growth of eDiscovery and public records requests

Annelore van der Lint | June 19, 2018

In March, The Irish Times reported that public bodies and government departments in Ireland show an “unacceptably high level of failure” to respond in time to the growing number of requests for information made since the Irish Freedom of Information Act was introduced in 2014.

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eDisovery SaaS for law firms: protect your margins and gain a competitive edge

Annelore van der Lint | May 10, 2018

Every lawyer needs an effective way to review, sort, cull and search to find the relevant data in their clients’ cases. Properly employed technology protects their margins and gives lawyers the competitive edge they need.

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eDiscovery technology not for small firms? Think again!

Annelore van der Lint | March 13, 2018

Looking back at the ABA TechShow in Chicago last week, one of the things that most surprised me is the still widespread idea that eDiscovery technology is exclusively available for enterprises and the bigger firms. Even one of the journalists visiting our booth, was surprised to see ZyLAB among the…

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Smart lawyers have nothing to fear from AI-based technology

Annelore van der Lint | February 21, 2018

In the keynote at the ABA Tech Show in Chicago next month, Professor Dan Katz will offer a provocative view of the near future and tell lawyers that they should embrace innovation and new technologies if they want to ensure their economic survival.

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Why the launch of the ACEDS Benelux Chapter is good news

Annelore van der Lint | January 10, 2018

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) soon launches its Benelux Chapter, the first professional eDiscovery Community in the region.

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AI-based eDiscovery analytics - a productivity revolution for law firms

Annelore van der Lint | August 29, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily revolutionizing the legal profession. Advances in AI-based eDiscovery analytics drastically increase the speed and improve the quality of the eDiscovery process not just for in-house counsel. Smart and innovative law firms already benefit from the use of the…

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