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E-Discovery Podcast Interview on The Paralegal Voice

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | July 30, 2019
0229_NALA Annual 2019 eDiscovery podcast with Jeff Wolff

I was pleased to sit down with Carl Morrison, host of The Paralegal Voice on the Legal Talk Network while we were both in Scottsdale, AZ this month for the 2019 National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Conference.  It was great opportunity to talk about eDiscovery at a high-level for…

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4 Ways eDiscovery technology can make your firm more successful

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | June 4, 2019
0050 - ZyLAB - General Use

For a long time small and mid-size U.S. law firms did not use eDiscovery platforms in-house. For years, they’ve been priced out of the tech market by the need for large, upfront capital expenditures to buy the necessary software and hardware. They’ve also lacked the time for the extensive training…

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Lawyers can be more competitive

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | May 21, 2019
0062 - Rubix cube solution - General Use

Every lawyer needs an effective way to review, sort, cull and search to find the relevant data in their clients’ cases. Properly employed technology protects their margins and gives lawyers the competitive edge they need.

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eDiscovery technology is not just for the bigger firms

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | May 7, 2019
0069 - David Goliath - General Use

One thing that keeps surprising me is the still widespread idea that eDiscovery technology is exclusively available for enterprises and the bigger firms. Although most people agree with the fact that SaaS makes eDiscovery technology wider available, a lot of solo litigators and small firm lawyers I…

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eDiscovery for public disclosure: the quest for a transparent government

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | April 23, 2019
0070 - transparent - General Use

eDiscovery technologies are proving to be powerful tools for improving internal records management and retrieval processes that serve to increase transparency into U.S. state and federal government agencies. And without a doubt, they’ve arrived not a moment too late. Legislative changes have…

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4 Solid reasons why law firm should use eDiscovery Analytics

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | April 18, 2019
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the legal profession. Advances in AI-based eDiscovery analytics drastically increase the speed and improve the quality of the eDiscovery process not just for in-house counsel. Smart and innovative law firms already benefit from the use of the latest…

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Why SaaS eDiscovery is a natural fit for law firms

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | April 4, 2019
0015 - handen schudden - General Use

Law firms are under pressure to offer excellent service and to control budgets at the same time. Lawyers work with aggressive schedules and their clients demand accurate and comprehensive results. The challenge is providing the best current technology at an acceptable cost. eDiscovery as a…

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Reduce regulatory request costs by utilizing in-house eDiscovery tools

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | March 27, 2019
0075 - DIY - General Use

 Meeting compliance costs is a never-ending project for businesses.  The Thompson Reuters 2017 Cost of Compliance report, stated 53% of global organisations expected their compliance budgets to moderately or significantly increase over the following 12 months.  In addition, 60% believed the cost of…

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How in-house counsel can utilize eDiscovery platforms for regulatory requests

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | March 22, 2019
0064 - Labyrinth - General Use

In late September 2018, it was reported that EU anti-trust regulators were investigating whether BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen colluded to restrict the rollout of clean emission technology.  An EU executive involved in the investigation said the "circle of five" - BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen Group's…

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