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Attention corporate counsel...

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | September 25, 2018
eDiscovery doesn't have to keep you up at night

...eDiscovery doesn't have to keep you up at night If there is one part of the job likely to keep corporate counsel awake (and usually in the office) all night, it is eDiscovery. Having barely come to grips with the vast number of documents contained on servers and in emails, electronically stored…

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3 reasons taking control of eDiscovery benefits project teams

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | September 18, 2018

When it comes to effective eDiscovery delivery, no one comes close to determining the success of the project than the project manager and their team. But with increased pressure in the form of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and US privacy laws, a surge in the amount of mobile data,…

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The first ten search queries of a regulatory agency: an ACEDS Benelux eDiscovery Event

Jan Scholtes
Jan Scholtes | September 17, 2018

As the number of regulators grows, so does the amount of requests for information. There can be questions asked related to fiscal, environmental, privacy, finances, or health matters; you’re expected to answer all inquiries in a timely fashion.

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Why taking control of eDiscovery should (also) be an IT initiative

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | September 11, 2018

Even though eDiscovery technically falls within the legal department’s domain, the “e” part of eDiscovery falls to the IT department. After all, eDiscovery is a technological solution to a problem caused by technology. Choices regarding platform and data collection have ramifications for both…

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Why controlling eDiscovery costs is possible

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | September 4, 2018

Performing eDiscovery is basically writing blank checks. Well, maybe not literally. But the way eDiscovery gets handled currently is pretty much boils down to the same thing. Case in point: your company gets a request for information. Whether that request comes via discovery in a court case or from…

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How to cut eDiscovery costs without increasing risk

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | August 28, 2018
Cut eDiscovery costs

For company’s General Counsel, protecting the company’s good name is key. Part of that protection is (co-)coordinating IT’s decisions about corporate data collection and storage platforms with the CFO’s mandates about controlling cost. Those decisions have very real legal implications only you can…

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Why now is the perfect time to take control of your eDiscovery

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | August 21, 2018

eDiscovery is one of those tasks nearly everyone is happy to hand off to someone – anyone – else. “It’s too complicated,” they say. “Too expensive! And too time-consuming!”

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E.D. phone home - taking control of eDiscovery

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | August 14, 2018
Control room

The mental health of attorneys has been getting lots of press coverage lately.  A work culture steeped in long hours, crazy deadlines, and insane billable hours targets is devouring and spitting out highly-talented attorneys at an alarming rate. And one of the main causes of stress and all-nighters…

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3 reasons eDiscovery isn't just for litigators anymore

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | August 7, 2018

eDiscovery. It’s a word guaranteed to make companies everywhere cringe. Gone are the days when eDiscovery was limited to outside litigators looking for smoking guns and redacting privileged information. It’s true eDiscovery got its start with the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. But…

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