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Subject Access and Right to be Forgotten Requests

Lennert Hoogvliet
Lennert Hoogvliet | November 13, 2018
Right to be forgotten

For compliance, internal investigations, and legal departments, the GDPR created a whole set of new obligations. Not only do data breaches have to be reported, but all subjects whose information has been breached must be informed. 

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Keep control over your data when information requests come in!

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | November 6, 2018
Control room

Many companies are insufficiently prepared for data requests. When a regulator comes calling, action needs to be taken immediately. All possibly relevant data is then handed to external legal services. As a result, control over the process, the costs, and the data is lost. There has to be a better…

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Leave the past behind: the right tools for efficient eDiscovery are here

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | October 31, 2018
Past - ruine

The word is out:  Corporate counsel can effectively and affordably manage eDiscovery projects of all sizes in-house with a platform that uses the latest technologies. You have access to all the features and advantages you’ve been looking for in eDiscovery with the flexibility to handle large,…

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Corporate counsel’s journey to efficient in-house eDiscovery

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | October 25, 2018
Journey - footsteps

Corporate counsel have used various tools and procedures over the years in their efforts to streamline eDiscovery and reduce outside spend. They’ve tried to outrace swelling floods of corporate data for decades, even as that data continues to drag them under by becoming increasingly difficult to…

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The eDiscovery project manager's path to long-term success

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | October 18, 2018

Corporate legal teams use a vast array of tools and strategies in their efforts to manage a growing number of eDiscovery projects. Strategies range from having no strategy at all to outsourcing everything to consolidating all their projects onto a single internal platform specifically designed to…

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The growing importance of eDiscovery for corporate counsel

Jan Scholtes
Jan Scholtes | October 16, 2018

 Last week, at the autumn conference of General Counsel Network (GCN) in the Hague, GCN picked the perfect location for this event: not only is The Hague the city of international law and peace, GCN was also able to arrange the historical headquarter of the Dutch courts: the “Raad voor de…

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Building a business case for taking control of eDiscovery

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | October 11, 2018
Control computer-1

Corporate Counsel, CIOs, and Litigation Support Managers need no convincing that the costs of eDiscovery are increasing dramatically. And if you work in one of the aforementioned positions, it is likely you are well aware that bringing part or all of the eDiscovery process in-house may lead to…

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How taking control of eDiscovery can minimize IT headaches

Annelore van der Lint
Annelore van der Lint | October 4, 2018
pain killers

It is only recently that IT departments have become involved with eDiscovery. The explosion of data now available on mobile, social media, and in cloud storage means the IT team has now become integral to the EDRM process.

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Building a business case to take control of eDiscovery

Dennis van der Veeke
Dennis van der Veeke | October 3, 2018
Saas Solution on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

eDiscovery does not generate revenue for the organization, it disrupts businesses and limits the time and energy that management could otherwise invest in their core activities. Nevertheless, the need to use automation to control data volumes and high costs for external service providers is real.…

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