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SaaS and eDiscovery are a natural fit

Jeffrey Wolff | March 22, 2017

Law firms are under pressure to offer excellent service and to control budgets at the same time. Lawyers work with aggressive schedules and their clients demand accurate and comprehensive results. The challenge is providing the best current technology at an acceptable cost.

The challenge of eDiscovery

Relation 2Many law firms choose to bring the eDiscovery process in-house instead of outsourcing this functionality to forensic accountants. But not every firm wants to invest valuable IT staff and other resources into deploying an in-house eDiscovery solution. Besides, maintaining a modern, full-featured eDiscovery platform in-house can be a challenge for smaller firms.

That is why SaaS and eDiscovery are a natural fit. The availability of high bandwidth, flexible and highly secure cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, and software that fully automates the e-discovery process all make it possible to take a DIY approach to eDiscovery.
For a predictable monthly subscription fee, ZyLAB's eDiscovery as a service provides eDiscovery legal firms of any size a single unified platform for all their matters and on-demand access to the information as well as tools to collect, upload, process, perform early case assessments, analytics, TAR, review, redact, and produce documents in native TIFF or PDF formats.

In the ACEDS webinar “The SaaS Revolution: How Law Firms of Any Size Can Benefit from eDiscovery as a Service” ZyLAB and Global Colleague show practical cases and real life demonstrations. Register now.

Written by Jeffrey Wolff

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