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Reduce legal fees by taking control of your eDiscovery

Jeffrey Wolff
Jun 7, 2018 1:55:39 PM

When in-house counsel are fed up with $600 per hour billings from outside law firms for time spent struggling (and too often failing) to meet today’s eDiscovery needs, the question naturally arises: How can we reduce outside legal spend, especially on fees for inefficient services?

You’re invited to watch our free webinar “Reducing Legal Spend” as Adam Platt, Senior eDiscovery Analyst at FirstBank, discusses the answer to this and other eDiscovery questions with ZyLAB CSO, Johannes Scholtes, and Mary Mack from ACEDS.

Preparing for the transition

The need for solutions that reduce outside legal fees is a key part of what drives corporate counsel forward as leaders in legal innovation. And because they value results over tradition, many have already discovered the most effective solution:

Move eDiscovery processes in house where they can be better managed using advanced technologies proven to cut costs and improve efficiencies.

This solution may be well known, but strategies to put it into effect will be different for every legal department. When bringing eDiscovery practices in house, you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges:

  • Exactly which parts of the eDiscovery process are most beneficial to bring in house?
  • What are the concerns of the two most heavily affected departments: Legal and IT? How should you prioritize their concerns?
  • What skills and knowledge do team members need to effectively make the transition?
  • How do you get corporate buy-in from executives unable to even imagine the words “legal” and “cost-savings” in the same sentence?


In this webinar, Platt shares the steps he took in preparing for the transition to bring eDiscovery practices in house at a corporation in one of the most regulated and risk averse industries in the world: banking.

The strategies discussed in this webinar show you how to stop struggling with failed attempts at data collection and:

  • How to eliminate third-party collection and processing fees;
  • How to conduct a first-pass review and early case assessment to uncover the complexities in an eDiscovery project;
  • How to more accurately estimate required resources and define top strategies for success during the early phases of a project;
  • How to keep the review and production platform in your complete control and monitor the productivity of others;
  • See how your peers are handling the same issues.

Pinpoint which eDiscovery processes have the highest payoff

This webinar helps you determine how and why certain eDiscovery processes work better with an in-house eDiscovery platform. Insider information helps you evaluate which eDiscovery tasks and practices are most beneficial for your department to focus on.

Take a journey through the EDRM as Platt shares how he planned FirstBank’s transition, and Scholtes translates how those steps can be applied to your efforts.

Using an in-house eDiscovery platform allows Platt to manage his legal department on his own. Delve into how data collection and processing tasks, early case assessments, and data production to third parties are more easily and accurately managed by an in-house review and production platform.

Address legal and IT concerns

Today, we have a mix of legal and IT concerns that must be addressed before bringing eDiscovery in-house. In this webinar, you get a detailed list of the many considerations necessary for meeting expectations and demands of both these vital departments.

Address these concerns during initial planning phases to create a much smoother transition.

Integrating the needs of your legal and IT departments into one eDiscovery solution often requires a team approach. Certain skills and specific knowledge are needed for handling the transition effectively and managing eDiscovery into the future. Find out what these are and who in your company may already possess them.

Win executive buy-in

Getting corporate executives to recognize your legal department as a source of cost savings requires solid data and irrefutable evidence. Platt shares resources he used to build a business case for bringing eDiscovery in house and discusses THE key factor he addressed to get a yes.

ZyLAB can help you to build your case using real-world examples of measuring ROI as seen with other ZyLAB clients and demonstrated in the webinar  including:

  • How using advanced culling procedures can reduce the amount of documents produced by up to 92% and result in up to $1.2 million dollar savings.
  • How faceted browsing, topic modeling, advanced search, and structural and conceptual analytics bring far greater insights into your data sets.
  • How in-house technology assisted review can save over $250,000 in outside legal fees.

Benefits go beyond cost savings

Completing the transition ultimately helped FirstBank’s legal department experience benefits beyond cost savings and improved efficiencies including:

  • Greater cost predictability
  • Easier collaboration with outside counsel and third parties
  • The ability to ramp up quickly and efficiently in the event of future litigation

With more eDiscovery processes completed in-house, Platt’s legal department became more data driven, with the ability to spot trends and recognize more opportunities for improvement. Other corporate departments benefitted as well with:

  • More thorough and accurate information governance practices, leading to overall better data management
  • Lower security risks with less data leaving the organization
  • Improved internal investigatory abilities for other departments such as IT and HR.

Transform your legal department into a corporate asset

Watch “Reducing Legal Fees” now and avoid many roadblocks encountered when attempting to bring eDiscovery in house without first defining your eDiscovery needs and determining the strategies best suited for your department.

Corporate counsel’s demands for more sophisticated technology in eDiscovery management is now a critical part of transforming legal departments into lean corporate assets.

Frankly, we admire your ability to drive innovation. We’re proud to assist you in making well-informed choices when planning the transition to bring eDiscovery in house and in continuing to improve eDiscovery practices in the future.