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January 28: Celebrate Data Privacy Day!

Jan Scholtes
Jan Scholtes | January 28, 2019

Today is Data Privacy Day, also known in Europe as the Data Protection Day. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It is currently observed in the United States, Canada, India and 47 European countries.

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FOIA: a digital age challenge for an industrial age process

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | January 25, 2019
FOIA challenge old vs new

Numerous oversight agencies and authorities have released directives and reports recommending that government agencies adopt modern technologies to meet today’s FOIA challenges. However, many federal agencies remain burdened with antiquated or inadequate technology tools, and they continue to…

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Automation is just one way to accelerate responses to Public Records Requests

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | January 3, 2019

The Information Governance Initiative points out that “There is a deep connection between improving electronic recordkeeping practices throughout government and improving public access to government records through the mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).” 

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eDiscovery technology ends the FOIA bottleneck

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | December 27, 2018

Every year, the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to U.S. federal government agencies increases. State, county, and city governments are also inundated with requests for information about their activities that the public has a right to know. Meanwhile, certain information must be…

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Public Records Requests: time to reflect on the process 

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | December 21, 2018
Reflecting the Public Records Requests process

The Constitutional pledge that the United States of America be governed “for the people, by the people” is honoured every time a federal or state agency satisfies a Public Records Request (RPP). As is inevitable, the magisterial simplicity of the Constitution is complex to work out in practice, and…

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Why now is the time to take control of eDiscovery technology

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | December 18, 2018

One way of cutting our eDiscovery bills would be to write fewer emails, videoconference less, ditch Facebook and generally go on a strict data diet – but we all know that won’t happen. In fact, the opposite will happen: we shall have more data, more data formats ­and more data formats that are…

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5 Keys areas FOIA personnel must address when vetting new technology

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | December 17, 2018

The 2012 Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18) instructs federal agencies to establish and maintain appropriate recordkeeping and records management practices while transitioning completely to electronic systems capable of meeting 21st-century demands. 

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Public Records Requests: why IT doesn’t have to be the problem   

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | December 14, 2018
No problem

The role of IT in fulfilling Public Records Requests (PRRs) is as difficult as it is unenviable. IT is not in charge of the process, but arguably carries out the brunt of the work. We all know that this workload is increasing, and getting trickier to do effectively – that is to say, according to…

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Why Legal has nothing to fear from Technology

Yannick Duport
Yannick Duport | December 11, 2018

The science of document classification is not as old and venerable as the Law, but its roots go back to 19th century German academia. The first American school for library science saw the light of day at Columbia University in 1887. Now known as the School of Library Service, the department’s…

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