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eDiscovery Technology for Greater Government Transparency 

Yannick Duport | November 17, 2018

eDiscovery technologies are proving to be powerful tools for improving internal records management and retrieval processes that serve to increase transparency into U.S. state and federal government agencies. And without a doubt, they’ve arrived not a moment too late.  

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Assisted Review: can we turn down the noise please, TAR 2.0?

Yannick Duport | November 14, 2018

The techniques that underlie eDiscovery as it is practised today did not come out of nowhere, but lean heavily on the science of document classification that was invented in the late 1820s in Germany. The first American school for library science was founded at Columbia University in 1887. 

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Subject Access and Right to be Forgotten Requests

Lennert Hoogvliet | November 13, 2018

For compliance, internal investigations, and legal departments, the GDPR created a whole set of new obligations. Not only do data breaches have to be reported, but all subjects whose information has been breached must be informed. Additionally, it is now possible for any citizen of the European…

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Assisted review - don't get ROI rage

Yannick Duport | November 7, 2018

Although eDiscovery is said to have been ‘invented’ in 1999, it is now an integral part of the legal process. Even a slip-up over a detail could cost you your case, or weaken your position when you’re negotiating a settlement, this is why you can’t cut corners when it comes to eDiscovery.  

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Keep control over your data when information requests come in!

Yannick Duport | November 6, 2018

Many companies are insufficiently prepared for data requests. When a regulator comes calling, action needs to be taken immediately. All possibly relevant data is then handed to external legal services. As a result, control over the process, the costs, and the data is lost. There has to be a better…

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Leave the past behind: the right tools for efficient eDiscovery are here

Yannick Duport | October 31, 2018

The word is out:  Corporate counsel can effectively and affordably manage eDiscovery projects of all sizes in-house with a platform that uses the latest technologies. You have access to all the features and advantages you’ve been looking for in eDiscovery with the flexibility to handle large,…

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Corporate counsel’s journey to efficient in-house eDiscovery

Yannick Duport | October 25, 2018

Corporate counsel have used various tools and procedures over the years in their efforts to streamline eDiscovery and reduce outside spend. They’ve tried to outrace swelling floods of corporate data for decades, even as that data continues to drag them under by becoming increasingly difficult to…

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IMLA 2018 - For Most Local Governments Public Disclosures are Labor Intense and Manual

Brenda Dodd | October 23, 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 83rd Annual International Municipal Lawyers Association Conference in Houston, Texas.  It was a great opportunity for me to step away from my everyday activities to learn from and network with some of the nation’s best local government attorneys.

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The eDiscovery project manager's path to long-term success

Yannick Duport | October 18, 2018

Corporate legal teams use a vast array of tools and strategies in their efforts to manage a growing number of eDiscovery projects. Strategies range from having no strategy at all to outsourcing everything to consolidating all their projects onto a single internal platform specifically designed to…

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