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ONE for all - introducing ONE eDiscovery

Jeffrey Wolff
Apr 26, 2017 10:00:50 AM

ZyLAB has been developing its eDiscovery and Information Governance solutions over the past 30+ years to help corporations, law firms and governmental agencies to deal with regulatory requests, high frequency eDiscovery, M&A, contract discovery and review, FOIA and Public Records Requests, investigations, and audits.

This integrated approach has resulted in a scalable, proven, and defensible, award winning eDiscovery platform enabling users to quickly and easily get control of vast amounts of data and tackle today's eDiscovery and information governance challenges.
Early next month we will emphasize this integration by introducing ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery. One complete end-to-end eDiscovery platform based on the latest data science techniques from the field of Artificial Intelligence for intelligent search, data enrichment, data extraction, topic modeling (clustering), and Technology Assisted Review (TAR).


One Solution for all Truth-finding Missions

eDiscovery has many different uses, but irrespective of the specific case, eDiscovery is always about organizing and structuring your data and finding the relevant facts. ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery facilitates all truth-finding missions through large or small electronic datasets related to all business-critical projects.
We support corporate counsel who need to automatically and defensibly reduce data volumes before sending data for review to external counsel or legal project managers who need revolutionary AI-technology to collect, analyze, organize and review documentation for M&A and other complex corporate transactions. We facilitate lawyers supporting their clients’ entire eDiscovery workflow, and Information Officers who need powerful productivity tools to search, collect, analyze and review data for FOIA requests without damaging disclosures.

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery will be available on premises, in the cloud, with managed service or as a Service.

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