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Machine learning is the new search (part 2)

Jan Scholtes |August 3, 2017|Read time: 1 min

Structure the Unstructured

Text Mining, also known as Text Analysis or Data Mining, is the use of varied techniques to semantically analyze and automatically enrich data in large data volumes and then search for hidden patterns and relationships. ZyLAB’s solutions use information extraction techniques from the field of text mining to detect semantic entities such as persons, companies, organizations, locations, amounts, time notions, and other basic entities. By combining these entities we can detect attributes and properties, recognize relations, facts and even events. Text mining identifies and highlights information from patterns and semantic relations that were previously unknown.

Text mining makes it is even possible to detect sentiments, emotions and high-level concepts. All this additional information can be used to organize the data by facets or data visualization to present the data in a clear and organized way to the end user.

By extracting the right information and using the appropriate visualizations, it is often possible to align the data based on the business application. This way the most common answers to the search questions are much easier to find and sometimes even directly clear from the data.


Jan Scholtes
Johannes (Jan) C. Scholtes, Ph.D. is Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of ZyLAB. Scholtes, who was the company’s President and CEO from 1989 to 2009, shaped ZyLAB as an Information Management powerhouse across the globe. With his leadership and vision, ZyLAB is a partner for the United Nations War Crime Tribunals, FBI-Enron investigations, and the United States White House Executive Office of the President.

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