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Legaltech 2019 - a recap

Naomi Visser
Feb 1, 2019 2:09:00 PM

This was my first time at a LegalTech event and also first time in the United States. To me, it was amazing! I normally work at the ZyLAB office in Amsterdam, and I started the organization for this event in September of last year. I worked closely with the US team to make this event a success. During this event I’ve gotten to know my colleagues better and I’ve come to learn more about both our product and customers worldwide. The Hilton Hotel in New York City is in the heart of Manhattan which is awesome to be in. The event was well organized by ALM.

ZyLAB Legal Tech Events

Day 1 - Booming!

After the opening keynote, it became got busy in the Exhibitor hall and crowds gathered at our booth. The large screen in the middle of our booth was looping a great video describing our data science work. It was effective at drawing the attention of the attendees. Also, right across from our booth was a coffee station which was a nice way to approach people. There were lots of interesting people to talk to and the demo stations were almost full the entire day. The icing on the cake on Day 1 was definitely the interview by Project Counsel Media.

The coffee station next to our booth transformed into a bar every day, offering free drinks. While drinks were being served we could still connect with people and have demos in our booth.  After the first day everyone felt tired but satisfied. We went out for dinner with the whole crew and ended up in a bar with live music.


Day 2 - Raffle madness

Our social media was up to date and we had lots of things to post about. The interview from Project Counsel Media going live on day 2 definitely gave us a boost on the socials. Every day we had a raffle where attendees could win an Amazon Echo. When they stopped by our booth they were registered for the raffle and the winners were announced on social media. This worked really well and people were happy to join the raffle. Our team split up at the end of the day. Some went for drinks at an ACEDS event. Others went for dinner with our customers. But not too late because at 8:00am on Day 3 we’ve had a customer breakfast. I went with some team members and a partner for steak at Rockefeller Center and drinks at 65th bar with an amazing view!


Day 3 - Farewell, LegalTech 2019

Day 3 was quieter and ended at 2 PM. The great thing about the last day is that you can give the attendees more attention. At 10:30am, the bar opened with morning cocktails. Plus, we registered for our spot at LegalTech 2020!

Overall, the experience was really nice. The ambiance was good and we received many compliments on our booth. We had fun and we were a good team. I definitely want to organize and help my colleagues at LegalTech next year. Now, I’m going to enjoy my well-deserved holiday here in New York City, as I stay for another week.

Follow ZyLAB on social media to stay updated on the latest news, events and fun stuff and I hope to see you all again next year!