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Legal Week as seen by our marketeer, Annelore van der Lint

Annelore van der Lint
Feb 5, 2018 4:00:21 PM

Last week was Legal Week in New York. The show, formally known as Legal Tech, brings together over 9,000 professionals that operate on the cutting edge of legal and technology, as well as the crème de la crème of the legal industry.

For ZyLAB the show traditionally is a perfect place to show the newest and greatest for the New Year. With a revamped booth, two fully equipped live demo stations and a great team presence, including our main product managers, CSO and CEO from the Amsterdam Head Quarters, I think it is safe to say we have made a very good impression.

If you did not attend the show or if you were unable to stop by the booth, please take a look at the recording of the pre-show #ACEDS product show case webinar or a quick peak at this video impression of the new demo.


Marketing Lingo

For me as marketer, it is always interesting to see how the market is presenting its products and solutions. If you do not look beyond marketing lingo and catchy taglines, it seems like we are all making the same promises. A little tour teaches we foremost need to be more intelligent and smarter:

  • “Intelligently meet your compliance needs using O365 and Information Governance”
  • “Smart collection”
  • “Smart review”
  • “Smarter by design”

We all think the eDiscovery process needs to change:

  • “Redefining eDiscovery”
  • “Next generation”
  • “Transform your discovery”
  • “New ways to discover more”
  • “The next generation of eDiscovery is here”

And as expected, the biggest buzz (as was next year) was Artificial Intelligence:

  • “AI powered timekeeping for lawyers - Data analytics for law firms”
  • “Legal and compliance AI platform”
  • “Powered by AI”
  • “The AI leader for legal and compliance”
  • “The premier AI platform for eDiscovery and compliance”
  • “Supercharge lawyers with AI”

Only a few were sticking to older (but still very valid) promises:

  • “Take control of your legal world”
  • “Your complete eDiscovery solution”
  • “The most complete eDiscovery platform”


Beyond the taglines

As always, marketing lingo and catchy taglines headline the truth: we do have to be smarter in how we handle the immense amount of data that we all collect and store in ever more complex and disparage locations. We simply cannot cope with these volumes without AI and automation. Especially not when facing litigation or trying to comply with ever stricter data and privacy regulations.

ZyLAB always has been on the forefront of these trends, being one of the trailblazers for using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to help both corporate counsel and lawyers managing their eDiscovery projects. Much more on this here, here, here and here.

Although I realize I am bias, I do think our own marketing lingo “We apply the science, so you can use the facts” sums it up nicely: you do not have to be an AI-expert to manage your data. You do not have to transform or redefine your eDiscovery process. We will do that for you.

To close off with credits to another marketer, I personally like the tagline “See the whole story that is in your data”. Kudos's to these marketers. Because that is actually what we all (some smarter and more intelligent than others) try to make possible: telling you the story that is in your data whether it is for litigation, information governance or the wide variety of business transactions.

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