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Legal Week as seen by our CEO, Dennis van der Veeke

Dennis van der Veeke
Feb 7, 2018 1:27:57 PM

Last week was my second Legal Week and compared to last year, I noticed many changes that made me very proud.

Our awesome booth did justice to our new brand and, more important, the booth was fully equipped to demo our new ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery solution live to everyone that stopped by.

Our focus on FOIA/PAR and eDiscovery really pays off: in every meeting, we were able to connect with our visitors, engage them and show them firsthand how powerful ZyLAB’s solution delivers in solving the issues of its users. Huge traffic at the booth, close attention to the demo screens and lots of “WOW”-reactions of new and existing customers, proof that we are spot-on.


ZyLAB delivers SaaS with the right consultancy via partners at any scale, including all the latest and greatest innovations. For most eDiscovery vendors, their focus on SaaS still means small: small companies, small datasets and small team.

Walking around with Jan, our CSO who is also professor in the Artificial Intelligence group at the University of Maastricht, we concluded that not everyone is investing in AI and Data Science to ensure we can handle the massive data-explosion we are all facing today. One of our customers mentioned that his company’s data doubled the last 18 months. That is why ZyLAB’s highly automated end-to-end eDiscovery software solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science tools to accelerate the eDiscovery and information governance processes.

Buliding a community

ZyLAB is super proud to sponsor and lead the ACEDS Benelux Chapter. During the ACEDS reception the appreciation and support of the ACEDS community and leaders of the US ACEDS Chapters warmed us. ACEDS’ Executive President and former counsel for ZyLAB, Mary Mack stopped by our booth for a demo. Like our customers and other visitors, she also was impressed with ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery and the level of innovation.

Excellence through partnership

Our expanding partner community enables ZyLAB to excel in supporting more and more customers. I have had many inspiring conversations with our existing and new partners about our mutual GotoMarket activities, product features that they would love to see added to our product and about our vision related to innovations that will continue to set us apart from the competition.

No worries if you missed us at the show. For a sneak preview of our demo, you can watch this short video or better, sign up for a free eDiscovery software trial account and experience ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery, the most intuitive and sophisticated eDiscovery solution yourself. To make sure you never miss anything again, you are very welcome to join our community!

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