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Leave the past behind: the right tools for efficient eDiscovery are here

The word is out:  Corporate counsel can effectively and affordably manage eDiscovery projects of all sizes in-house with a platform that uses the latest technologies. You have access to all the features and advantages you’ve been looking for in eDiscovery with the flexibility to handle large, complex matters with the efficiency and ease of smaller projects.  Yet, many legal department leaders still cling to outsourcing, piecemeal strategies, or antiquated tools that require more effort and raise costs much higher than in-house options.  

In the white paper “The eDiscovery Maturity Model,” we address this dichotomy and the costs involved financially as well to the quality of results, workflow efficiencies, and security. The eDiscovery Maturity Model evaluates the effectiveness of the various tools and strategies you may be using and shows how your choices affect your efforts to effectively manage eDiscovery. 

 eDiscovery Tools -  ZyLAB ONE

Corporate legal teams find more efficient, cost-effective eDiscovery in-house  

The tools and processes corporate counsel previously used in eDiscovery have failed to keep up with the need to access, process and review overflowing rivers of electronically stored information (ESI).  The eDiscovery Maturity Model shows how in-house eDiscovery platforms use Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and powerful data analytics to help IT teams and corporate counsel by: 

 1) Making eDiscovery part of the daily operating procedure

Over the years, vast amounts of disowned, disorganized data pile up. People rarely delete data and in some companies or cases, can’t even if they try. Personnel changes result in orphaned data.  

Just as an in-house platform provides a central location where all new data is preserved, it also locates and organizes every last byte of older data. It creates a single point of access for all your organization’s data.  

2) Integrating directly with existing infrastructure

Mergers and acquisitions often result in “legacy” data that nobody claims ownership of. Retired word processing programs leave behind inaccessible files. Nobody wants to risk spoliation. And so, your corporate baggage grows. 

 Today’s advanced technologies integrate directly with MS Office 365, Adobe, Sharepoint, Exchange, FileNet, and other business applications you’re already using. ESI is easily extracted from native applications including older files from retired or legacy systems.  

 3) Standardizing new and varying types of ESI

Corporate counsel is driven forward in eDiscovery by an inescapable need to know the information contained in video and audio recordings and data from the internet, mobile devices, social media, wearable tech, etc. Any file that can’t simply be opened with Microsoft software and saved as a PDF is troublesome. 

An in-house platform collects and preserves all your data without altering its contents or metadata. Files of every type are automatically standardized into PDF or TIFF files, which means all your files stay in one place making processing, review, and production much easier. 

 4) Enhancing data security 

 Security is a huge concern in eDiscovery. Penalties for privacy breaches increase yearly. Hacking is an everyday occurrence. Your data is at its most vulnerable when it is transferred  or exposed to external parties.  

By performing more (or all) eDiscovery processes internally, you keep more of your data in-house longer. Should you elect to outsource document review, advanced culling and search techniques can reduce data sets by up to 99%. You’re in complete control of where your data goes to and when. Systems trace every activity and offer robust reporting options. 


Learn more about modernizing antiquated eDiscovery practices 

The eDiscovery Maturity Model provides an outline that guides companies forward at their own pace to gain complete control over their data. Learn more about how you can:  

  • Attack eDiscovery’s biggest cost generator at its source; 
  • Find more relevant information faster; 
  • Inform decision-making processes earlier;   
  • Complete tasks that used to take days, weeks, months in mere seconds. 

Download the white paper “The eDiscovery Maturity Model” to discover what you need to do to let go of old, useless tools and strategies and clear the pathway to effective eDiscovery management 


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