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Information management and eDiscovery; a complementary relationship

Jeffrey Wolff |September 12, 2017|Read time: 1 min

At the core of every eDiscovery and information management effort, is technology to deal with the vast amounts of ever more complex data types and sources. The main difference between eDiscovery and information management use to be the difference between reactive and proactive.

But the need to be more proactive, fueled by ever stricter regulations for data- and privacy protection and more active regulators, is blurring the differences between reactive eDiscovery and proactive information management. Today companies of all sizes, need to be in control of their data at all times.

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Integrated approach to information management and eDiscovery

At ZyLAB, we always have taken an integrated approach to eDiscovery and information management. In our newest release, we emphasize this integration by introducing ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery; one scalable, secure, easy-to-use and award-winning end-to-end eDiscovery platform for all deployments and applications.

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery combines ZyLAB’s Information Management and eDiscovery functionalities into one platform that gives users full control to access and retrieve their information, and leverages all new functionalities.

For a predictable monthly subscription fee, users obtain the infrastructure to host and manage cases and on-demand access to their information. It also provides the tools to collect, upload, process, and perform intelligent search operations, analytics, TAR (Machine Learning based search), reviews, and redactions (for GDPR), and to export selected documents in native TIFF or PDF formats, with or without redactions.

For a sneak preview, please see this short video or download the information sheet.

But if you want to experience first-hand how new breakthroughs in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) make your Information Management and eDiscovery-processes smarter, faster and more efficient, then please join us on 28 September for our seminar on “Machine Learning is the New Search” (in Dutch) in Amsterdam.

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff is a Certified E-Discovery Specialist who joined ZyLAB in May 2015 and serves as Director of E-Discovery Solutions. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in Information Systems and enterprise software. He has been involved in solution architecture, design, and implementation for major projects within the Department of Defense and Fortune 1000 corporations.

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