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How Johnson County tackled their public disclosure burden

Brenda Dodd |May 30, 2019|Read time: 0 min

0096 - Logo Johnson County - LogoAs with many large local governments, Johnson County, Kansas, struggled with a growing number of open records requests and increasing quantities of disparate data. They wanted an automated solution that allowed them to collect and review all of their network data, from Office365, network shares and SharePoint to chat logs, and enabled them to efficiently and effectively respond to any type of request for information. Read how they achieved this. 

Brenda Dodd
Brenda is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist with over 20 years of experience in eDiscovery and public records disclosure/FOIA technology. Leveraging her unique combination of experience, she has helped law firms, corporations and government entities define best practices and procedures for cost-effective and efficient management of electronically stored information for legal review and disclosure.

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