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Lawyers can be more competitive

Jeffrey Wolff
May 21, 2019 12:01:00 AM

Every lawyer needs an effective way to review, sort, cull and search to find the relevant data in their clients’ cases. Properly employed technology protects their margins and gives lawyers the competitive edge they need.

The notion that eDiscovery technology is exclusively available for enterprises and the bigger top (eDiscovery) law firms is obsolete. SaaS makes eDiscovery technology available to firms of all sizes. No firm – not even a small firm – can get around the need for eDiscovery to help their clients’ cases and significantly lower litigation costs.

The size of a firm does not matter. All clients deal primarily with electronic documents. Each of them send out thousands of emails, store digital documents in different file formats on multiple computer locations and smartphones. The few paper documents that we still use, are scanned to store electronically. Printing for the purpose of review is inefficient and the metadata that comes along with a digital file is lost for the discovery.

 0062 - Rubix cube solution - General Use

Taking another look on eDiscovery

Lawyers can take another look on eDiscovery. Even the smaller firms do no longer need to be averse to taking on big cases or processing large volumes of data. eDiscovery costs have reduced significantly and the benefits and ease-of-use have improved dramatically.

Using eDiscovery as a Service allows lawyers to keep most of the eDiscovery work in-house. They no longer need a third party to process the data, nor do they have to make large investments in on-premises hardware and software. Many eDiscovery software for law firms are available on demand, without the need for capital investment. Users literally pay for what and when they need it.

eDiscovery as a Service gives firms of all sizes a competitive advantage, and allows lawyers to get back to practicing law and in the meantime provide better legal service to their clients. 

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