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Drag 'n Drop e-mail from Outlook to ZyLAB ONE

Daniel Schuuring
Jan 23, 2020 4:00:00 PM

Customers regularly ask me how they can easily and quickly get an e-mail in ZyLAB ONE. Depending on the application, there are various 'technical' options. Most of these options however, are complex and require action and permission from those responsible for IT.

With ZyLAB ONE plus the appropriate rights, you can import e-mail directly from Office 365 and G Suite. Another option is to export from an e-mail server to a PST file. This file is then processed via an upload in ZyLAB ONE.

When handling a public records request, users sometimes want to quickly add a few e-mails to ZyLAB ONE so they are able to anonymize these e-mails or share them with colleagues. This has always been possible by saving the e-mail locally in a folder and then uploading them. Now there is also the option to drag email directly from Microsoft Outlook to ZyLAB ONE. This works a lot faster, especially when you work with two screens next to each other.

To be able to do this, you only have to install a small open-source plug-in in Outlook. This so-called "Drag and Drop" plug-in ensures that you can drag e-mails, contacts and appointments directly into the upload screen of ZyLAB ONE in your Internet browser.

More details and the option to install the open-source plug-in, you find here. For system administrators there is an option to easily install the plug-in within the network. Since it is open source, ICT-professionals can easily assess whether the software is safe to use.

The open source Outlook File Drag plug-in is made by Tony Federer and can be downloaded from GitHub.

This short video explains how it works.



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