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The most common questions I heard while in the booth at Legal Week

Jay Schneider
Feb 6, 2018 3:00:33 PM

During Legal Week 2018, I watched the keynotes, attended some sessions, and walked around the exhibition halls, but spent most of my time in the ZyLAB Booth. I enjoyed being in the booth. In part because I could spend quality time with some of my Amsterdam-based colleagues (we usually only connect online), but mostly because of the conversations with the Legal Week attendees who visited us. During my three days at the conference, I received many repeat questions. In no particular order, these are the most common questions I heard while in the ZyLAB Booth at Legal Week.


“What’s New with ZyLAB?”

This was the most frequent question by far. Whether it was from a current customer or someone who has followed ZyLAB for decades, I am always pleased with the number of people who want to see what is new since the last time they checked in with us. Since I see weekly demos of our latest software developments, and new releases are available for our SaaS environment every two weeks, I sometimes forget how much may have changed since the last time a follower saw our product.

Of course, it is exciting to show them ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery look-and-feel, our self-service file upload features, and easy-to-use Technology Assisted Review tools, but many features which may seem “old” to me, are in fact “new” to someone who hasn’t seen our software in months or even a year. “Old” features such as auto-redaction, data visualizations, and processing enrichment can generate as much excitement as the new dashboard or reports we recently launched. With such rapid development, there is always something new with ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery. In case you like to see the latest, check here.


 “So, you guys do eDiscovery?”

Well, yes, ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery is a complete, end-to-end eDiscovery system (Ranked #1 by Gartner for “Complete EDRM E-Discovery”, but we also do FOIA and Public Records Requests. In addition to Litigation and Investigations, our city, state and county government customers use our FOIA/Public Disclosure template and workflow to simplify and accelerate the disclosure process. What surprised me was realizing that it was possible to speak with one individual looking for an eDiscovery solution, and then later speak with another individual looking for a Public Disclosure solution, only to discover that they were from the same organization! Perhaps they were not aware they could have worked together to find a single solution. Many of our customers have already seen the value of using ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery for both eDiscovery and FOIA/Public Records Requests.


 “What is eDiscovery?”

I didn’t expect to get this question anymore, but even though it certainly is not as common as it was years ago, many attendees still were not familiar with eDiscovery (This could also be due to the fact that Legal Week has greatly expanded, no longer focusing solely on Legal Technology.)

The good news is that since ZyLAB is an end-to-end eDiscovery product, we can not only explain the eDiscovery field, but also demonstrate how our software supports and automates the entire process. Also, I, and many of my colleagues at ZyLAB are Certified E-Discovery Specialists (Are you certifiable? Check out #ACEDS), so we are well suited to educate on the field of eDiscovery.


 “Is Jan around?”

Johannes “Jan” C. Scholtes is ZyLAB’s Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer. People know Jan. Lots of people know Jan. It seems half of the time when someone finds out I work for ZyLAB, they will tell me they know Jan. Though ZyLAB has an established history of being pioneers of electronic search, Jan’s vision and work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science keeps our technology fresh, making for an exciting future. Oh, to answer the questions “where is Jan?” Yes, Jan was in New York for Legal Week, but usually couldn’t take more than a few steps before an old friend, colleague or student stopped him to chat. People know him.


 “Is your Artificial Intelligence real AI?”

Certainly, the buzz throughout technology is “Artificial Intelligence” and this is certainly true in the world of eDiscovery. “AI” was everywhere at Legal Week, showing up as topics in sessions and working its way into every vendor’s pitch and signage. Much of the industry is beginning to understand the benefits, value and, quite frankly, necessity of AI and Technology Assisted Review in Legal Technology. This year, I was prepared to answer basic questions about what AI is (and if it can be trusted…), but was impressed to find a more savvy audience who had a firm grasp and knew which questions to ask. We are fortunate at ZyLAB to have work with bright minds of top Universities (Jan’s PhD in Computational Linguistics doesn’t hurt) in order to develop and create cutting edge AI technology for ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery. So, yes, ZyLAB’s AI is “real,” but more importantly, it can “really” help you. Find out more hereherehere and here.


“Where are the flying monkeys?”

Sadly, many loyal visitors were disappointed to learn that ZyLAB is no longer giving out flying monkeys (ZyLAB – we’re not “monkeying around.”) On the whole, this was probably for the best since those screaming projectiles have done their fair share of frightening young children and pets, disrupting a peaceful home life. Also, after a quick demo of our Topic Modeling function, or a tour of our new dashboard and reporting features, everyone walked away satisfied. And some of you who passed by our booth at the end of the day, walked away with a delicious “stroopwafel”.

See you next year!

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