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Big data discovery; a new competence for better decision making

Jeffrey Wolff
Nov 30, 2017 10:57:59 AM

New business skills are needed to work with Big Data. New technologies for Big Data collection, analysis and prediction create huge opportunities for business, but also bring ethical, legal and technical risks.

Big data brings more hidden facts and an increased risk to make decisions based on the wrong facts or without knowing all the facts. Good leaders can only make the right decision if they know all the facts.

eDiscovery is all about truth- and fact finding missions. This is why principles and skills from the field of eDiscovery are of paramount importance for today’s business leaders.


Data-driven Organizations

Last week, the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of the Erasmus University organized an eight-day ‘Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics’ program at RSM Executive Education to guide and support organizations transforming towards becoming data-driven. It connects professionals in technical- and methodology-oriented data science with professionals engaged in business analytics, links them to best business practices, and actively involves senior executives.

The program has been developed and organized by the Erasmus Centre for Data Science and Business Analytics with ZyLAB and other industry partners.

One of the goals of the program is to increase collaboration between data scientists and business analysts by increasing mutual understanding. The learning objectives of the course is to provide professionals engaged in data science and business analytics with academically sound and new ways to apply big data technologies in order to design and implement innovative and successful business applications. The program provides a cross-industry learning platform for professionals to learn from experiences in other relevant industries.

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The value of eDiscovery

In addition to improve the business skills of technically focused data scientists and the technical skills of business analysts, the course also aimed to broaden their understanding of privacy and security in order to provide solid data-driven and GDPR compliant business applications.

Jan Scholtes is expert lecturer and organized with among others Prof. Dr. Jaap van de Herik (Leiden University) the module "Ethical, legal and privacy challenges". Topics in this module are innovation and disruption in technology and law and the power of search and machine learning from the field of eDisovery for taking decisions.

It was interesting to see that the participants immediately acknowledge the problems of today’s Big Data collections, and truly understand the value of eDiscovery techniques to support better fact-based decision making

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