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Best Practices and Professional Standards in Public Disclosures

Brenda Dodd
Sep 12, 2019 12:01:00 AM

Daniel Bevarly, executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition and myself, will lead a discussion on best practices and professional standards for a sound public disclosure process at the upcoming IMLA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

ZyLAB - Software Solution Provider of eDiscovery and Public Records Disclosure/FOIA technologyWe will be talking about the latest issues and trends around freedom of information laws, policies and practices at the state and local levels. The session aims to support agencies that are struggling to meet the ever-increasing demands of transparency and open records requests.

The discussion will help governmental professionals that are not sure where their agency stands when compared to “best in class” processes when it comes to public disclosures. For these professionals or agencies who may want to re-evaluate the tools and resources their municipality uses for processing requests, this session will provide best practices and professional standards for a sound public disclosure process.

Learn why technology needs to be part of that process. Join Daniel Bevarly and me at the IMLA Annual Conference on Sept. 19 in Galleria 5 at 3:15 PM.

Not able to join us at the IMLA conference? Then contact me directly or take this 30 minutes "Assessment Checklist" and take an inventory of how you are doing as an organization with your FOIA and public records requests.


About the speakers

Daniel Bevarly is the executive director of NFOIC, working to expand the organization’s programs that support and sustain a national network of state coalitions, and promotes state and local open government reforms. Bevarly’s career spans local government, a public policy think tank, a civic tech solutions provider and owning a public relations firm. A Kentucky native, Dan's work has addressed the challenges to democracy and First Amendment rights stemming from the convergence of information technology with governance, journalism and public participation. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Brenda Dodd, CEDS, is the director of Government Technology at ZyLAB a leading software solution provider of Public Records and eDiscovery technology.  As an innovative Certified eDiscovery Specialist with over 20 years of experience in eDiscovery and public records disclosure/FOIA technology, Brenda helps law firms, corporations and government entities define best practices and procedures for cost-effective and efficient management and collection of electronically stored information for legal review and disclosure.


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