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Aalbert's Corporate Legal Memory

Lennert Hoogvliet
Sep 26, 2019 9:59:22 AM

Read how Aalberts moved from LegisWay to ZyLAB ONE and now has all its documents stored centrally in a secure system. 

The challenge

Aalberts had their house in order and their relevant corporate documentation is organized in LegisWay (the old Effacts). It was however, sometimes difficult to retrieve the right documents quickly. Especially old documentation that had been scanned without text recognition was hard to find. Search options within LegisWay in this case are limited, and it is not possible to automatically provide scanned documents with full text by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Aalberts has decentralized the entry of contracts and other relevant documents into LegisWay. It was a deliberate choice to do this centrally. Due Logo - Aalberts Corporate Legal Memoryto lack of OCR, it is not possible to search the content of many of the (in particular older) documents and therefore it is often time-consuming to get the right information. Especially when you are searching for subjects that are not classified as such.

And this is exactly what drives many managers to despair: lost documents and untraceable data. Important contracts cannot be found because they are incorrectly archived or incorrectly classified; a file holder has retired after decades of loyal service and has insufficiently transferred his knowledge and portfolio management. Searching in these cases takes unnecessarily long and decisions can then only be made based on assumptions instead of verified facts.

The solution

The legal department of Aalberts has been using ZyLAB ONE for email surveys and compliance audits for a long time. They are impressed by the many search options and the automatic OCR that optimizes data access. That is why Thijs van der Lugt, general counsel at Aalberts, suggested that all documents contained in LegisWay should also be available through ZyLAB ONE.

The execution

And so it happened. A dump was made of all data in LegisWay (with relevant meta data). All this data was loaded into ZyLAB ONE via a simple upload operation and the reset followed automatically: all documents were thoroughly extracted and automatically OCR-ed in the correct language, everything was made fully searchable and data was automatically organized in so-called facets for company name, contract types, language, etc. The full extraction and deep processing technology enables organizations to also put ‘raw data’ -as in e-mail & attachments- in ZyLAB.  

By repeating this operation in the future, new contracts from LegisWay can easily be included in the ZyLAB system.

The result

Thanks to the very powerful full-text search options in ZyLAB ONE, the endless search in paper files or browsing LegisWay is a thing of the past. Any user who has been granted access to the system can now search all information and find relevant documents quickly, whether it concerns scanned contracts, associated emails or draft versions. “You only have to enter a couple of relevant words and you will immediately see all relevant documents. This is a huge time saver for us. This is much faster and better than what we had. ” Says Thijs van der Lugt. “This way we also find information that is included in the contracts only, but not included as metadata in the LegisWay database, as by definition insufficient document classification is always the case."

The future

Soon a large collection of old files that have recently been scanned will be added to the system. In addition, Aalberts is thinking of including selected documents (for example, all PDFs, Word files or XLS) from the emails of key employees who have since long have been responsible for certain tasks in ZyLAB ONE. This will make the legal Corporate Memory a lot more complete.

In the future, the globally distributed subsidiaries of Aalberts can upload similar information into the ZyLAB ONE system themselves. This is very simple and easy to do; people do not require special skills to do so. With ZyLAB ONE, all OCR is done centrally now, in the highest possible quality. This way, the subsidiaries, can still use the existing scanning machines.

Complex files related to large insurance claims, patent applications, legal disputes, complex negotiations, data rooms of takeovers, etc. can therefore easily be included in the system and are available for knowledge sharing and future legal questions.

The advantages

Aalberts’ Legal Corporate Memory will soon be in one large box of information that is automatically structured and in which you can find relevant information easily and quickly.

As additional advantage, everything is stored centrally in a secure system, so that paper documents cannot be lost or damaged by fire or water. Loss of information by misplacement is also a thing of the past.