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Ready for a Data Subject Access Request in 4 steps

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | October 8, 2019
0307_DSAR Canvas - Door

Think of all the “personally identifiable information (PII)” that roams in the systems and shares of your organization. PII about your customers. Your colleagues. Your business partners. Many terabytes of documents, emails, recorded telephone calls and online meetings. Now, imagine you receive a…

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Aalbert's Corporate Legal Memory

Lennert Hoogvliet
Lennert Hoogvliet | September 26, 2019
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Read how Aalberts moved from LegisWay to ZyLAB ONE and now has all its documents stored centrally in a secure system. 

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Best Practices and Professional Standards in Public Disclosures

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | September 12, 2019

Daniel Bevarly, executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition and myself, will lead a discussion on best practices and professional standards for a sound public disclosure process at the upcoming IMLA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

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The Importance of Weaving Consistent eDiscovery Search Practices into the FOIA Process

James Bailey
James Bailey | August 21, 2019
0267_BLOG_The Importance of eDiscovery Search Practices into the FOIA Process

This blog was published earlier on the website of Armedia.  As the number of FOIA and public records requests increases, so do the numbers and types of records that must be searched. This is becoming a big problem and is even causing legal issues for FOIA agencies.

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ZyLAB renewed its CSA STAR level 1

Yaron Goldstein
Yaron Goldstein | August 8, 2019
0034 - Logo Cloud Security Alliance - imagetxt

ZyLAB is proud to announce it has successfully renewed its CSA STAR level1 certification and is part of the CSA registry. ZyLAB’s security measures are constantly monitored and updated. These types of certifications validate our commitment to this systematic approach.

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ZyLAB’s eDiscovery platform is compliant with the FedRAMP moderate baseline controls and requirements

Yaron Goldstein
Yaron Goldstein | July 30, 2019

The Security Office of ZyLAB has performed a thorough analysis and mapping of the FedRAMP controls and is happy to announce ZyLAB’s ISMS and Security and Privacy controls that are implemented within ZyLAB, are compliant to the FedRAMP Moderate baseline controls and requirements (NIST SP 800-53r4…

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E-Discovery Podcast Interview on The Paralegal Voice

Jeffrey Wolff
Jeffrey Wolff | July 30, 2019
0229_NALA Annual 2019 eDiscovery podcast with Jeff Wolff

I was pleased to sit down with Carl Morrison, host of The Paralegal Voice on the Legal Talk Network while we were both in Scottsdale, AZ this month for the 2019 National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Conference.  It was great opportunity to talk about eDiscovery at a high-level for…

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Public Records Requests Technology: Your Personal Benefits Analysis

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | July 23, 2019
0240_ZyLAB ROI Calculator BLOG POST

When we meet with government agency leaders, we love to show them a personalized analysis that provides a closer look at the benefits their agency gains by choosing the ZyLAB ONE platform to process their public records requests. We use the agency’s own numbers for factors like the number of…

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4 reasons to automate the public records act and FOIA requests process

Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd | June 13, 2019
0050 - ZyLAB - General Use

Exemptions, rules and timelines can vary depending on whether you are considering federal, state or local FOIA or public information disclosures requests. For the most part, the response process however, is similar. For all agencies, automation of the process creates significant time and resource…

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