Bringing eDiscovery
to the cloud

tackling eDiscovery in the Cloud

ZyLAB is the first provider of eDiscovery software that will be offered by Microsoft in the Azure Marketplace to identify, preserve, process, analyze and review data stored on the Azure platform and in Office 365, thus tackling all of the considerable challenges of eDiscovery, Supervision and Investigations on cloud data.


  • Overcoming bandwidth and security challenges - Installation directly in the cloud in the same geographical region as your company’s Office 365 or Azure content, eliminates the need to offload and upload data for eDiscovery or investigations to on-premises solutions.
  • Lowering risk and workload for IT and legal teams - ZyLAB for Cloud Discovery is a proven and defensible solution that supports the different stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).
  • Fast deployment - Easily and quickly complete a full eDiscovery installation in Azure, including connections to several data sources in Office 365 and Azure.
  • Extremely flexible and scalable - Upscaling by adding additional CPUs, RAM and hard disk space to existing processing, review or other nodes in a ZyLAB environment in Azure can easily be accomplished by simply shutting down the virtual machines and increasing those specifications, allowing you to quickly scale up for bigger cases/investigations, and scale down for smaller ones, depending on the data volumes, the time pressure and the number of review users.