ZyLAB Executive Team

Pieter Varkevisser - Chief Executive Officer & President

Pieter Varkevisser Pieter Varkevisser is Chief Executive Officer and President of ZyLAB worldwide, a global leader in Information Management solutions for nearly three decades. Since joining the company in 2009, Varkevisser has laid the groundwork for continued growth by assembling new talent and strategic partnerships, and helping to map the company’s vision for e-discovery, regulatory compliance, and information management solutions to the local demands of its branches worldwide.

Prior to joining ZyLAB, Varkevisser was CEO of SDL Tridion, the global leader in enterprise-class web content management solutions. During his four year tenure, Varkevisser led the $40+ million company to 17 consecutive quarters of profitability and double digit growth. Previously, Varkevisser was CEO of DataDistilleries (now SPSS), a top provider of data and text mining, market research, and web and marketing analytics technology, as well as an industry expert for Waterland Private Equity Investments and interim CEO for companies in its portfolio. Varkevisser holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology.

Johannes C. Scholtes - Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer

Johannes C. Scholtes Johannes C. Scholtes, Ph.D. is Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of ZyLAB. Scholtes, who was the company’s President and CEO from 1989 to 2009, shaped ZyLAB as an Information Management powerhouse across the globe. With his leadership and vision, ZyLAB is a partner for the United Nations War Crime Tribunals, FBI-Enron investigations, and the United States White House Executive Office of the President.

Before joining ZyLAB, Scholtes was a lieutenant in the intelligence department of the Royal Dutch Navy. Scholtes holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology and a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam. As of 2008, he holds the Extraordinary Chair in Text Mining from the Department of Data Sciences and Knowledge Engineering in the Artificial Intelligence group at the University of Maastricht.

Michiel Bergsma - Chief Financial Officer

Michiel Bergsma As Chief Financial Officer of ZyLAB worldwide, Michiel Bergsma oversees the Finance, Human Resources, IT and Legal departments for the company ensuring that all branches remain fiscally healthy and operationally sound.

Prior to joining ZyLAB, Bergsma was CFO for Civolution, a leading provider of technology and services for identifying, managing and monetizing media content. Until 2009, Bergsma was the CFO for SDL Tridion, where he helped the global leader in enterprise-class web content management solutions achieve a remarkable 35% revenue growth and implement best practices. In an earlier post with KPMG, Bergsma audited multinational companies. Bergsma holds a degree in Economics from the University of Groningen.

Dennis van der Veeke - CTO & Vice President Enterprise Software & Services

Dennis van der VeekeAs Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Enterprise Software & Services, Dennis van der Veeke is responsible for the design, creation, and development of ZyLAB's product portfolio, from defensible electronic discovery solutions that are aligned with industry standards, to enterprise information governance software that complies with complex regulations in the U.S. and Europe.

Prior to joining ZyLAB, Van der Veeke was Chief Technology Officer at SDL for eight years. In this role, he was responsible for all SDL technology, including product management, software development, quality, service delivery and cloud operations. Previously, Dennis held various senior management roles at CMG/Logica and Exact.

Ralph Nickl - Vice President Sales North America

Ralph NicklAs Vice President Sales North America, Ralph Nickl is responsible for reinforcing the company’s market position in North America by focusing on maximizing the company’s innovative software capabilities, especially in the field of eDiscovery solutions.

Ralph has 15+ years of delivering business solutions to enterprise, law firm and government clients and currently leads the ZyLAB North American sales team including inside sales, sales and sales engineers. Ralph has aligned product management, sales, marketing and technical efforts around new product verticals.

Yuriy Pasichnyk - Executive Vice President Sales EMEA/APAC

Yuriy PasichnykAs Executive Vice President Sales EMEA/APAC, Yuriy Pasichnyk is responsible for growing the ZyLAB business within this region, focusing on maximizing the company’s innovative software capabilities and bringing on board new customers.

Since joining ZyLAB in 2010, Pasichnyk has been responsible for the evolution of ZyLAB's product portfolio. Prior to joining ZyLAB Pasichnyk was Chief Technology Officer at Automotive Navigation Data N.V. where he led R&D and held various senior management roles at SDL Tridion, including Director of Outsourcing and Product Development. Pasichnyk holds a Master of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Business Administration with honors from Kyiv National Economics University.

Lennert Hoogvliet - Vice President Channel Sales EMEA/APAC

Lennert J. Hoogvliet

As Vice President Channel Sales EMEA/APAC Lennert Hoogvliet is responsible for expanding the ZyLAB ecosystem by working with innovative, expert partners to provide companies with the best technologies to address their ever growing eDiscovery and information governance needs.

Since joining ZyLAB in 1992, Hoogvliet has held management positions in software development, project management, sales, and technical installations and support. Hoogvliet received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Haarlem Business School and previously served in the Royal Dutch Army.