Information Governance

Information Governance

With litigation, regulatory requests and data volumes all on the rise, implementing an information governance program is a mandatory activity for every organization. Information Governance helps to lower risks and costs by significantly reducing data volumes and providing access and structure to the unstructured data.

ZyLAB Information Governance Consists of 4 Components

  • Archiving: Permanently control your most critical business information such as e-mail by using ZyLAB Preservation Archiving solution. Efficiently searches the mountains of employee e-mails which are often saved with the personal naming scheme to identify the relevant information. ZyLAB's e-mail archiving captures and preserves all aspects of the e-mail system including attachments, associated metadata, public folders, .PST files, calendars, contacts, notes, instant messages, etc. .
  • eDiscovery: Identify insights, respond to regulators, clients, internal investigators, and auditors faster with high precision. Minimize the costs, time and overall risk of an eDiscovery process by using our advanced indexing technology, text-analytics, attorney focused workflow and reporting capabilities. .
  • Supervision Review: Deploy a fully defensible supervision environment – effectively monitor and review your organizational policies to identify fraud, policy violations, or misplaced sensitive data such as PII, PHI or Intellectual Property. .
  • Legacy Data Clean-up: Lower future storage and maintenance costs of legacy systems by not only importing the data into ZyLAB’s archives, but also by dynamically assessing the full-content to determine what to keep and what to delete. .

The components above can be executed separately or in any combination.