FOIA and Public Records Requests

Public Records Act and FOIA Requests

Data volumes have increased and relevant data flows around on your agency network, in the cloud and social channels. Various Public Records and Freedom of Information Acts allow public access to previously undisclosed records. The burden to produce this public information within a strict time frame lies with the government agency. Cost for identification, collection, review, redaction and production of the requested information are high and ever increasing.

The FOIA process is very similar to that of eDiscovery. ZyLAB has adopted its eDiscovery solution to meet the specific requirements for FOIA and Public Records Act requests. ZyLAB for FOIA is available in on-premises, SaaS and Azure deployments.

Benefits of ZyLAB for FOIA & Public Records

  • Collect from and search directly across email boxes, O365, file shares, other electronic content repositories and even paper collections to identify potentially relevant documents.
  • Automatic classification of collected documents per department, document type, custodian, withholding reasons, exemptions and many other relevant document categories.
  • Auto-redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Easy to use review and production functionality, including powerful review accelerators and reporting functionality developed in the demanding world of eDiscovery.

Using ZyLAB software for the handling of FOIA and Public Records Requests significantly saves time and resources, reduces errors and risks for your citizens, employees or organization by accidental disclosures. One local government customer calls ZyLAB for FOIA "a Productivity Revolution". Experience why.