Deep Processing for eDiscovery

ZyLAB's Deep Processing, data enrichment and advanced analytics allow to implement the most effective culling to greatly reduce data volumes.

The most effective culling on the market

  • Identifying and extracting of embedded and compound objects so the content of each individual component can be assessed on relevance by using automatic techniques.
  • Automatic OCR of (embedded) bitmaps and non-searchable PDFs, semantic data enrichment (text-mining), auto-tagging, machine translation, or audio search to allow for more types of automatic culling techniques.
  • Deduplication on any combination of document content, meta data or data used to enrich the content.
  • Ability to use advanced full-text search on the document content and on the meta data to obtain the best possible precision and recall to cull data by using negotiated queries.

ZyLAB's Deep Processing allow you to automatically reduce your data volumes before you sent them on for review, without getting in trouble or being accused of data spoliations.