Direct Collecting for eDiscovery

ZyLAB's Direct Collecting for eDiscovery allows for direct data ingestion from various data locations, including Microsoft O365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Google G Suite and several other locations or repository formats.

Direct collection has multiple advantages

  • No need to export PST's first and then import them again. This minimizes the risk that exports do not work well (too large, get corrupt, etc.).
  • No time consuming downloads of large PST files that interfere with normal business processes.
  • No risks to the chain of evidence as there is no need to use intermediate or transport formats that may be altered when opened for example to check quality.
  • No need for long eDiscovery searches in O365.

ZyLAB's Direct Collecting saves tremendously in the time to get data ready for early case assessment and (first) pass review, and drastically reduces the cost and risks of downloading / uploading data or the shipping around of tapes and hard disks.