Enterprise Information Management

Make Optimal Use of All of Your Information Assets

ZyLAB software helps organizations fully harness their disparate structured and unstructured data to gain optimal insight from their collective knowledge. We overcome traditional IT barriers to unite all types of files, sources, and even multi-language content in open, sustainable archives. Authorized users of the system can thereby improve day-to-day operations which require access to enterprise knowledge, influence decision-making processes, and gain business intelligence.


Category ZyLAB Functional Highlights

Information Management Platform

Capture data from any storage system | Sophisticated search and retrieval of all 700 formats out-of-the-box | SharePoint integration | Long-term XML archiving | Integrations with hardware, scanners and digital copiers

Legacy Data Integration & Clean-up

Transfer content from Oracle, SAP, SQL, ERP, and other legacy systems | Standardize on XML | Add searchable key fields and metadata | Automatic indexing | Retain links to native formats

Paper Digitization & OCR

Scan millions of documents to 100% accurate TIFFs | Wrap with searchable key fields | Convert imaged files to OCR | Multi-direction OCR | OCR recognition of 200+ languages | Automatic indexing with barcode recognition software

Sustainable Archiving

XML standardization for ESI and imaged files | SharePoint repository offload | Email Archiving | Audio file support | Wrap with searchable key fields | Text mining | Integration with records management