Legal Hold

Legal Hold


ZyLAB’s Legal Hold is a complete management application to create, manage and track legal holds. After a hold notification is received, a new hold notification is created for (potential) custodians. Notifications are sent by email and the acceptance of the notifications is tracked in the management application. Hold reminders, awareness reminders and escalations can be sent and scheduled.


Features & Functions

  • Auto-wizard to generate reusable electronic legal hold notifications with custom instructions, due dates, auto-populated matter details, and questionnaires
  • Bulk merging and distribution of notifications to selected employees in Active Directory®
  • Legal hold status updates are automatically displayed on the ZyLAB dashboard
  • Automatic reminders to non-responsive recipients of the legal hold notification
  • Paths to custodians’ network data sources (laptop, PST, SharePoint, etc.) are recorded in dashboard
  • Batch-copy of data at the defined time (now, day-forward, etc.) from all defined sources to the preservation archive
  • Preserves audit information, hash values, and chain of custody data


  • Assurance that everything is preserved and defensible
  • Back-up tape rotations remain on schedule
  • Automated legal hold notifications and reminders save time
  • Support for initial and incremental collections

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