eDiscovery & Production

eDiscovery & Production Solution

ZyLAB’s eDiscovery solution is a complete end-to-end defensible solution for your eDiscovery requirements. The different stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) are fully supported and seamlessly integrated into the solution to make sure that your eDiscovery process runs efficient, effective, smoothly and uninterrupted.



  • Scalable solution that can utilize additional hardware resources (computing power) on the fly to increase the processing power when additional capacity is needed.
  • Modern and intuitive easy to use interface that adapts to the needs of the user.
  • Complete tracking of all activities in the solution to provide a defensible methodology.
  • Rapid deployment of the solution in your environment.
  • Due to the modular structure of the solution, additional custom development can be done and implemented to extend the standard functionality and fulfill specific requirements.
  • Use of the latest technology and development methods to ensure stable and reliable operation.
  • Different flexible licensing models are available including standard on Premise license fees, on Premise volume based fees and SaaS based fees.

ZyLAB eDiscovery solution contains modules for Legal Hold, Collection, Early Case Assessment, Analytics, Review and Production that are built according to strict guidelines to guarantee the best possible solution for eDiscovery processes:

  • Legal Hold
    ZyLAB’s Legal Hold is a complete management application to create, manage and track legal holds. After a hold notification is received, a new hold notification is created for (potential) custodians. Notifications are sent by email and the acceptance of the notifications is tracked in the management application. Hold reminders, awareness reminders and escalations can be sent and scheduled. MORE »
  • Collection and Processing
    ZyLAB eDiscovery software leverages automation and best practices to collect an exhaustive data set and then methodically whittle it down to a proportional and optimized review set. ZyLAB’s highly-advanced technology detects and assimilates complex files, culls content, preps it for thorough legal analysis, and continually refreshes the collection with new files. MORE »
  • Early Case Assessment
    With ZyLAB‘s thorough Early Case Assessment (ECA) on a data sample or in-place data sources you can quickly assess the prevalence of keywords, potential liabilities and estimate the potential scope of an impending legal hold and collection. It will allow you to make a full cost-benefit analysis, shape your strategy, steer settlement conferences and identify weaknesses in internal systems that need attention. MORE »
  • Legal Review
    The intuitive and easy to use Legal Review interface allows reviewers and investigators to quickly search, browse, tag, annotate and redact documents. With ZyLAB’s unique hit highlighting of search terms on all you documents, users can quickly and easily navigate the documents. The Legal Review Dashboard gives users direct insight in the relevant information and allows quick access and filtering of the documents. MORE »
  • Legal Production
    ZyLAB eDiscovery software accelerates and simplifies the process of preparing evidence for disclosure to opposing parties and for use in litigation support software. Our industry-leading Intelligent Redaction automates the process of fully removing sensitive data, and our production tools properly mark and output files for third party review. MORE »

The integrated production option supports all major requirements, formats, load files and more. Documents can be produced in their original format, as TIFF, as text or a combination. Depending on the chosen format, fields and redactions can be burned in and the load file can be created in different formats and includes the selected fields from the review.


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