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Automate eDiscovery, Reduce Costs, and Regain Control with ZyLAB's Powerful eDiscovery Software

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ZyLAB eDiscovery software and services have been proven in the largest corporate fraud investigations, the largest criminal case in US history, and the historic United Nations war crime tribunals. ZyLAB regularly tops email archiving and electronic discovery software reviews from trusted independent technology researchers like Gartner. With our feature-rich eDiscovery software, ZyLAB is one of few eDiscovery companies to address every core node of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and provide the basis for a defensible methodology.


Cost Control with ZyLAB

ZyLAB’s end-to-end eDiscovery software empowers IT and legal departments to efficiently manage the most expensive and tedious elements of litigation in-house with automated eDiscovery tools.

The ZyLAB eDiscovery and Production system is easy to install and maintain, affordable to operate, and compatible with most specialized litigation support tools.

For organizations that do not currently require a full eDiscovery software system behind their firewall, ZyLAB offers eDiscovery onCommand services which leverage our award winning eDiscovery software, and eDiscovery onDemand for an online war room powered by ZyLAB.


EDRM Node ZyLAB Functional Highlights

Information Management

Early Case Assessment of data in place | Exploratory, pre-collection audit | Domain analysis | Integration with records management and compliance systems



Exploratory search of keywords and issues | Metadata search for date ranges and authors | Active Directory user integration | Data Mapping



Auto legal hold notifications | Customized legal hold surveys | Copy and lock-down on litigation server | XML archiving | Non rights preservation in place



Auto collection from selected custodians and their sources | Active Directory integration | Inventory Reporting | IT Source Mapping | Mac and PC Support



Auto indexing | Auto culling, de-dupe, & de-NIST | Auto foldering and clustering | Extraction of embedded objects | Processing of compressed, forensic image files, and multiple email formats



Concept extraction & text mining | Metadata enrichment | Graphical data visualization | E-mail chain & attachment analysis | Hit highlighting & hit navigation | Linguistic analysis | Privilege logs



Hosted legal review | Secured subset review | Auto tagging, coding and classification | Advanced legal search | Native file review | Keyword sampling



Auto, intelligent batch redaction | Bates stamping | Multiple party productions | OCR Native file output | Litigation support software compatibility | 3rd party integrations & load files | Export reports



Benefits of the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System

  • Overall litigation costs are reduced and outside counsel is relieved of the risk of spoliation and related sanctions, unknown liabilities, and premature settlements due to the inconvenience of complex eDiscovery activities.
  • Built in accordance to the proven eDiscovery best practices methodology outlined by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the recognized standard for eDiscovery practices.
  • Best practices, logs, and chain of custody templates to foster a defensible methodology.
  • Minimizes disruptions to daily operations and makes it possible for various departments and professionals to work in harmony during the process.
  • Access via standard Internet browsers helps during early case assessments, accelerates case analysis and document review, as well as enables eDiscovery activities to be automatically performed in-house, thereby allowing customers to maintain control and minimize costs.
  • Modular system that scales and expands as needed.
  • Easy to install and maintain, affordable to operate, and compatible with most specialized litigation support tools.
  • Secure and sustainable long-term data storage and best available search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Comprehensive training and full-service customer support.
  • Built for large-scale eDiscovery and eDisclosure activities with the largest data collections in the world.
  • Addresses all key aspects of eDiscovery from information management to producing relevant data for opposing counsel and for use in litigation software.

Field-tested & Proven

ZyLAB eDiscovery software has been chosen by the most discerning groups for use in the highest-profile cases. Examples include:

  • International investigative and oversight bodies in the some of the most notable fraud investigations around the world, including Enron, Parmalat, Ahold, Worldcom, KPNQuest and many of the law suits related to credit and financial markets crises use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System
  • Forensic accounting groups such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System
  • Investigators at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, and European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Office use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System
  • Investigative bodies and legal counsels in the UN War Crimes Tribunals for Yugoslavia, Rwandan, Cambodia, East-Timor and Sierra Leone use the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System.

ZyLAB is also among the subset of eDiscovery vendors to have been selected for inclusion in multiple, independent analyst reviews of eDiscovery companies and related information management technologies.