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ZyLAB Modular Technology: Solutions Configured to your Specifications

ZyLAB features modular architecture and licensing that allows flexibility for clients in terms of the scale and sophistication of the solution. The robust ZyLAB Information Management Platform may be configured to the specific needs of corporations, law firms, law enforcement departments, and government agencies through limitless combinations of our companion bundles and modules. Six systems have been pre-configured according to the best practices for the business requirements of today.

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eDiscovery & Production


Information Management Platform

Bundles & Modules

Analytics Bundle
eDiscovery Bundle
Audio Search Bundle
Business Process Automation Bundle
DoD and SOX Compliant RMA Bundle
Email Archiving Bundle
Microsoft SharePoint Archiving Bundle
TIFF Archiving & Production Bundle
Web Publishing Bundle
Digital Copier & Scanning Bundle
Development & Integrators Bundle
Text Mining & Analytics
Data Visualization
Form Recognition
Machine Translation
Visual Classification

Law Enforcement & Investigations

Compliance & Litigation Readiness

Enterprise Information Management

Communications Intelligence

Digital & Print Media Archiving