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Video Presentations


ZyLAB Legal Review 3.6

Discover ZyLAB's Legal Review; the most complete and intuitive tool for your review and analysis needs. Direct insight in your review collections; availability of a wide variety of search techniques; clear hit highlighting; grouping and tagging of email conversations; automatic redaction; find near duplicates and much more.


ZyLAB introduces Visual Classification for eDiscovery

ZyLAB's Visual Classification automatically recognizes pictures and identifies: people, babies, elderly people, flowers, cars, planes, indoor and outdoor scenes, and many other concepts. The new functionality is perfectly usable for the identification of images of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), potential intellectual property, handwritten notes, checks, IDs, and other information that otherwise requires full manual review.


ZyLAB enhances Simplicity in Sophisticated eDiscovery

eDiscovery Bundle 3.2 provides easier ways to distinguish duplicate documents during review and offers the ability to view the complete conversation email threads. The result is a significant improvement of the reviewer’s performance.


Legacy Data Clean-up

Every organization houses data: e-mail traffic, documents, records, photos, videos, posts in social media. Many terabytes that continue to grow exponentially. This immense amount of information forms the greatest asset of your organization but also houses the biggest risk.


Simplicity in Sophisticated eDiscovery

ZyLAB offers a fully integrated eDiscovery Solution that supports the collection, processing, review, analysis and production of large volumes of versatile data, allowing valuable information to be searched, browsed and reviewed instantly in the industry's most intuitive and user friendly interface. Take five minutes to discover ZyLAB and experience Simplicity in Sophisticated eDiscovery for yourself.


Discover eDiscovery for Corporate Counsels

The regulator has come knocking on your door. The response deadline is in 10 days. The headlines already cast suspicions and it won't be long before your company's stocks are impacted. You are responsible for the legal standing of your organization. So you need to act fast. But where do you start? How do you search that vast volume of data? Will you find that crucial piece of information when there is so little time?


Discover eDiscovery for Law Firms

Your client gets a visit from the regulator. Or needs your help with an internal fraud investigation. Or needs to do a compliance check. Your client is panicking and calls you. Of course you will be their trusted partner in handling the case. But how do you do that? How do you search that vast volume of data? Will you find that crucial piece of information when there is so little time?