Information Management
Platform 6.6

ZyLAB IM Platform 6.6 – The Fastest and Most Flexible Way to Deal with Your UNSTRUCTURED Data

For over 30 years ZyLAB has been working with professionals in the litigation, auditing, security and intelligence communities to develop the best solutions for investigating and managing large sets of information. By working closely together with our most demanding clients worldwide, we have now launched ZyLAB IM Platform 6.6, a major step forwards in this multi-year development process.

In version 6.6. we have added the ability to scale out and manage our search engine over large clusters of machines, making the scalability of our new search engine almost unlimited and drastically simplifying the work of IT managers. ZyLAB IM Platform 6.6 provides everything you need to deal with today’s terabytes of data and provides the fastest and most flexible search to your users.

Read all about new features in the datasheet below and stay tuned for a special webinar explaining the new functionality of our TBIE search engine in more detail.