Sophisticated eDiscovery Made Easy

We believe the discovery process should not be held captive to the inefficiencies of unpredictable legal events. We also believe that sophisticated and highly automated eDiscovery should still be easy to use.


Your eDiscovery – Your Choice

Based on your requirements and preferences for spending, organizational capability, data volume and data location ZyLAB deploys your eDiscovery solution on premises, as SaaS or as a hybrid of both. Visit us at booth #2101 and let us show you how to optimize your solution.

Hybrid eDiscovery: You Do It Yourself

Hybrid eDiscovery: We Do It Together

Hybrid eDiscovery: We Do It For You

Highest Level of Automation

ZyLAB's proven search and analysis tools use advanced search, text-mining, natural language processing and machine learning techniques from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Visit us at booth #2101 and let us show you how our highest level of automation accelerates review while controlling the review costs.

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